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Cinematographer improves working with unreal cameras in every aspect! Realistic camera gear, a streamlined user experience and instant photorealistic results, no matter if you are an absolute beginner or virtual production professional.

We also offer a more affordable Light version!


Video: Cinematographer Comparison Trailer

Video: Cinematographer - Choose your camera! - All preset cameras compared

Video: Cinematographer - One Minute Setup - A photorealistic Security Camera

How does it work?

Cinematographer is a layer on top of the default Unreal Cine Camera. It can do everything the default camera can - but is far easier to use and creates photorealistic results out of the box.

While the Unreal default camera expects you to set dozens of settings independently from each other, even if they would be impossible in real life, Cinematographer works as a system. It connects all the settings that influence each other in reality and sets physical limits where needed. This leads to exceptionally realistic results while being simultaneously faster and easier to use.

Do you need a gorgeous looking cinema camera, the realistic look of your phone, or the creepy and cheap look of a security camera? Just use a camera preset and get instant photorealistic results that fit your desired mood - consistent over shots, scenes and projects.

Is Cinematographer hard to use?

It is exactly as intricate as you need it to be!

New to Unreal, new to cameras or booth?

If you want stunning photorealistic results without any input, just drop a Cinematographer camera into the scene and the new Auto-Exposure will take care from there on out. No further input needed and everything stays photorealistic and physically correct.

Do you have a good understanding of cameras already?

Great! Just drop a Cinematographer camera into the scene and put it into manual mode, and you will feel right at home. Fine tune your shots with all the settings you find on real life cameras to get the most out of every frame!

Are you a professional who needs to match Unreal Engine footage with real life recordings?

That's where our PRO version comes in. Easily recreate digital copies of your real life cameras and lenses and get matching results in Unreal. Less post production and higher quality visuals with a consistent look through your whole project.

Lite vs PRO

We believe Cinematographer improves working with Unreal Engine so much, that everyone should be able to afford it, that's why we offer Cinematographer in two tiers.

The Lite version has all the improvements, from the physically based systemic approach to the streamlined UI and the dozens of predefined camera bodies and lenses, to allow for a vast variety of photorealistic looks, easy and fast.

Only the option to create your own camera bodies and blueprints is limited to Cinematographer PRO. This important feature allows you to recreate the the very specific look of certain real life camera gear, you own or admire.

Will I get help?

It's of our most importance that you are happy with your purchase and are able to use Cinematographer to its full extend. The following measures are here to make sure of that:

  • Cinematographers reduces the complexity of setting great cameras in unreal considerably, right out of the box.
  • To leave no questions open, every function and setting of Cinematographer is comprehensively explained by tooltips directly in the editor.
  • We provide an extensive documentation website , with in depth explanations of every settings as well as starting guides on all functionality.
  • If you still got any questions left or something doesn't seem to work as expected, please visit our support forums and get in touch. We are committed to help you out as fast as possible!

Who is this plugin for?

  • Everyone aiming for photorealistic results without any guesswork - realtime or pre-rendered
  • Concept Artists will benefit from ease of use of the improved UI while getting photorealistic results fast
  • Games Developer will benefit from a more grounded and believable camera with unobtrusive and physical correct settings for motion blur
  • Virtual Productions will benefit from the camera and lens system, using the same camera setup in real life and in Unreal Engine

Compatible with:

Cinematographer will work with every project that uses an Unreal “Camera” or “Cine Camera” and will replace them.

  • Windows/Mac - ported and tested for maximum compatibility
  • Unreal Engine Version: 4.26 / 4.27 / 5.0 - future versions will be added
  • Blueprints and Sequencer - fully usable and animatable - no code needed
  • Lumen / Raytracing / Pathtracing / Deferred / Forward - if the default unreal camera works, Cinematographer works as well.

To achieve photrealism, your project needs to feature physical based or scanned materials as well as realistic light values!

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Technical Details


  • Fully simulated and physically correct digital camera environment
  • A camera body and lens system to recreate your own real life camera gear with ease or use dozens of predefined ones
  • Save camera presets for shot consistency between scenes and projects. With lots of predefined cameras like Action, Cinema or Phone Cameras
  • Several new image effects which help to ground your shots even more in reality
  • New camera effects based on real lens characteristics for a more realistic result - e.g. purple fringe, digital film grain, Barrel distortion etc.
  • Simplified the overwhelming default unreal camera Interface and made it fast and easy to use
  • Detailed Documentation written and as videos as well as as fast replies in our Support Forums

Code Modules:

  • Cinematographer, Runtime
  • CinematographerEditor, Editor

Number of Blueprints:

  • 13 Camera Presets
  • 13 Camera Bodies
  • 31 Lenses
  • with more to come in future updates!

Number of C++ Classes: 6

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Win64, Win32, Mac

Supported Target Build Platforms: Win64, Win32, Mac


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