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General tips

Attaching the magazine to the hand during reload (only possible in UE 5.1 )

New pair of independent hand controls, good for creating bolt action anims, etc and How to open anims made in previous versions

Modifying other anims without source files

Free Weapon by Deadghost Interactive

Note: Activate your Control Rig plugin before editing the anims. It's built-in Unreal, just check if it's enabled. (Not necessary for using the anims, only for editing them).

*New in UE 5.1 - making use of Unreal 5.1 new Parent Constraint to bind the mag to the hand during the reload. This was a requested feature!

Handcrafted animations for the Mannequin arms created inside the Unreal Engine using Control Rig! Fully editable inside Unreal to suit your needs, no Blender, Maya, etc. needed! Each animation is accompanied by its source file, which is the LevelSequence file in which the animation was created in Unreal.

A custom Control Rig was created specially for making these animations, which facilitates keeping both hands on the gun when desired. The custom rig also has automatic twisting of the forearm (lowerarm) twist bones when animating the hands. This rig is included.

All arms anims and the arms custom rig were designed for the Epic's mannequin arms skeleton.

Includes a low poly rifle with a skeleton compatible with the Deadghost Interactive's KA74U rifle , which is free in the Marketplace!

Includes also a custom rig made for animating the rifle skeleton and this rig is compatible with both the included low poly rifle and the Deadghost Interactive's KA74U rifle ! (This rig can be seen as a quality-of-life feature as it's not required - you can also easily animate guns with theFK Control Rig that already comes with Unreal)

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Technical Details

Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes

If rigged to the Epic skeleton, IK bones are included: Yes

Number of Animations:

23 anim sequences total:

  • 20 for the arms: idle, walk slow, walk fast, run, 2x sprint, 2x aim sway , 2x aim steady (hold breath), 2x walk aiming, fire, 2x fire aiming, reload empty, reload loaded, equip, un-equip, inspect. Each one accompanied by its editable LevelSequence file
  • 3 for the rifle: fire, reload empty, reload loaded. Each one accompanied by its editable LevelSequence file

2 montages for the arms: auto fire and auto fire aiming

2 blendspaces for the arms: not aiming movement and aiming movement

1 anim blueprint for the test character

Animation types (Root Motion/In-place): In-place

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Important/Additional Notes: Modifying the anims inside Unreal Engine requires enabling the Control Plugin (built-in Unreal). But using the anims doesn't require it

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