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Zombie Showcase Video

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VCR Text Replacement Tutorial

Click here to see the Poolrooms Environment

Get hunted by the Entity in this full Horror-Game Backrooms Template!

The hand-held videocamera simulator included in this pack is so realistic, most people watching can't even tell its a videogame!

This package contains everything you need for all kinds of horror exploraton games, including but not limited to:

  • Realistic Handheld Camera Player Pawn
  • Video-recording VCR Postprocess Effect
  • Custom VCR Text Photoshop file template for custom VCR Text
  • A demonstration level of the Backrooms with 35 Backrooms Static Meshes
  • The Backrooms Entity Monster, with basic A.I ( Roaming, Roaring, Chasing and Attack )
  • A Zombie Creature rigged to the Epic Skeleton, with basic A.I that roams, and attacks while running
  • Sound Effects for 3 Monster types, totalling 53 monster sounds!
  • The entire Horror Decals Pack !!!
  • 83 Sound Effects (Breathing, Camera Shake, Jump, Monster Sound Effects & More!)
  • Player Damage Blood Screen Effects
  • Several Carpet Stain decals
  • World-Aligned Materials for all Backrooms Architecture surfaces

Monster Animations:

  • Idle / Look
  • Walk
  • Run
  • Roar
  • Attack

Zombie Animations:

  • Idle
  • Walk
  • Run
  • Attack #1
  • Attack #2

Camera Animations

  • Idle
  • Jump
  • Pick up from the ground
  • Run
  • Receive Damage
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Technical Details


  • Backrooms Entity Monster with Basic Roaming, Roaring, Chasing and Attacking A.I
  • Zombie with Basic Roaming, Chasing and attacking A.I (Attacks while moving)
  • Zombine contains 4 texture types, and 9 Material Types
  • Player Pawn with Health and Death features
  • Camera sound effects triggered by player movement, velocity, and rotation
  • Dynamic Player breathing sound effects which changes when scared
  • 1 Flickering Light Blueprint
  • 6 Standard Light Blueprints
  • 31 Architectural Floor & Wall Meshes
  • 1 Ceiling Vent Mesh
  • 1 Wall Socket Mesh
  • 10 Distant Monster Roar Sounds
  • 5 Close Monster Roar Sounds (1 Looping)
  • 4 Monster Attack / Hit Sounds
  • 11 Camera Movement Sounds
  • 2 Camera Zoom Sounds
  • 4 Breathing Sounds
  • 2 Player Scream Sounds

Number of Unique Meshes: 40

Collision: Yes, custom & automatically generated

Vertex Counts:

Under 100 = 27

100 to 500 = 7

Wall Socket = 1200

Bacteria Entity = 70k

Zombie = 15k

LODs: No

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 186

Number of Textures: 168

Texture Resolutions:

4096 = 108

2048 = 37

1024 = 13

512 and below = 10

Supported Development Platforms: Windows & Mac

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