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IMPORTANT: There is a bug for Multiplayer Foliage Interactivity System in UE5.1 which make Foliage Interactivity System not working properly. But single player interactivity is fine. Consider this limitation before agree to buy this asset pack.

PolyAsset3D is now rebranded as Kaizen Digital Interactive!

The most ultimate comprehensive and realistic Tropical Rain Forest environment ever created on the marketplace. Made with photogrammetry and photometric foliage technics, game-ready assets with up to 4k textures, distance billboards(Octahedral Impostor*), complete with fully procedural spawn system to create incredible forest environment in minutes.

Bring the forest alive with our wind system and make it more believable with our shader based multiple foliage interactive system which is lightweight, no rigging, no skeletal mesh required.

Fully generated 1 km2 example map complete with a massive collection of 88+ high quality assets and counting which will add new asset and update regularly**.


Our goal is to provide the best visuals quality as possible while still being scalable enough to run on most average hardware. Comes with the most detailed game-ready assets with advanced octahedral impostor for last LOD to make your scene even more optimized and scalable.

All of our assets are fully photo scan based & high-poly baked texture, include up to 4k texture resolution for incredible close-up detail.


All of our assets are fully game-ready with LODs, collision, wind, foliage interactive, optimized view distances, and LOD ratios out of the box. Suitable for any hardware from console, PC, to Metaverse Virtual Reality device.


Use procedural foliage workflow to quickly paint and generate the different forest formation which allows you to create incredibly vast environments with minimal effort and time spent.


Bring the forest alive and make it more believable with our shader based multiple foliage interactive system which is very lightweight, no rigging, no skeletal mesh required. Every plant and small foliage are able to interact with your character and AI. Support multiple interaction with AI. Multiplayer network is not tested yet. Also support with any pivot painter 2.0 assets from other asset pack or from your own foliage asset.


Do you have any issue? Do not worry We will help! Ask any question regarding the pack and we will glad to help as we can. This pack comes with massive library of 120+ high quality assets and will keep counting which will add new asset regularly**.

*octahedral Impostors currently only support for engine version below 5.0

**based on condition and our time availability

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Technical Details


  • High Quality assets
  • Game-Ready, Arch-Viz, Animation, VFX Film & Metaverse VR-Ready
  • Photogrammetry & high-poly baked assets
  • Up to 4K texture resolution
  • Shader based multiple foliage interactive system
  • Scalable wind system
  • Procedural Foliage system workflow
  • Auto Slope Material on Landscape
  • Optimized LODs and Billboards
  • Global wetness material function
  • One square kilometer procedural example map


  • Trees : 29
  • Plants : 18
  • Ferns : 4
  • Bushes : 7
  • Grass : 4
  • Ivy : 8
  • Rocks : 9
  • Dead Leaves : 4
  • Falling Leaves Particle : 1
  • Dead Trunk : 2

Number of Unique Meshes: 120+

Collision: Yes, custom & box collision

Vertex Count: 226-36188

LODs: Yes, includes Octahedral Impostor/Planar Billboard*

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 220+

Number of Textures: 180+

Texture Resolutions: 512-4096px

Supported Development Platforms: PC, VR, PS4, PS5, XBOX

Documentation: Not yet

Important Notes: Turn ON Generate Mesh Distance Field on the Project Setting to get better lighting. Turn ON Procedural Foliage on Editor preferences to enable procedural foliage system,

Also there is a impostor LOD bug in UE5.0 when using foliage tool/actor. We will fix it as soon as possible by using different approach of billboard LOD.

Additional Notes : SOUNDS are not included in the project files. All the presentation images are rendered in UE 4.26 with necessary changes needed. Final file result maybe vary from the presentation.

*octahedral Impostors currently only support for engine version below 5.0

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