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Please read carefully (before buying) the latest documentation (4.x)
Old (3.x) documentation is here
Supports only Universal (URP) - As version 4.2, it speeds up the VR rendering 6x faster...
Looking for Standard (Legacy) Pipeline? It is another package: HERE
Also includes Rotatable Box Projection Probes! With this package you can get incredibly fast mixed (realtime and baked) indoor reflections.
A perfect Car Paint Shader which also includes this package can be found HERE
You can use the reflection texture on your own shader graphs too (yes VR too). So you can create your own shaders, or update previous ones too :) Please see the doc for details.
Clipping added (for 2020.2 and above) which speeds up to %800 for fixed distance mirrors (like car mirrors - Important: Clipping not supported for VR yet)
Works on VR for:
Rift, Rift-S->SPInstanced mode only
Quest, Quest2 Standalone->Multi View mode only
Quest, Quest2 with Oculus Link->SPInstanced mode only
Tested with
XR-Plugin->Oculus Provider
XR-Plugin->OpenXR Provider-Oculus Runtime

(Mirror in mirror - recursive, will not work on VR).
Works for orthographic camera too.
Please see the forum HERE
With version 4 (and above) only>=2020.2 URP updates will be made. Only bugfixes will be made for below Unity versions!
You can create:
Full mirrors,
Reflective floors, walls,
Refracted surfaces,
Full transparent reflections
Tested on Mac, PC, WebGL, iOS and android but should work on every platform that supports LWRP or URP.
MODELS which are used in videos or screenshots ARE NOT INCLUDED in package!

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