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Ever had trouble distinguishing multiple colliders on the same GameObject from each other?

Ever wished you could rename that generic \"Event Trigger\" component to something a little more descriptive like \"On Click Open Settings\"?

What if you could attach little notes to your components to provide some clarifying context?

Wouldn't it be great if you could see the current state of that \"Health\" component right in the title without having to unfold it?

Now you can!

Component Names integrates seamlessly with the Inspector and makes it possible to rename components at will as if it was a native feature.


  • Select a component's header and press F2 to start renaming it (or select \"Rename\" from the context menu if your keyboard is broken).
  • Default name is shown in parentheses after the custom name by default.
  • Custom component names can be seen in Object fields.
  • Custom component names can be seen in UnityEvent dropdowns.
  • See a summary description of components when mouseovering their header.
  • Give custom tooltips to components.
  • All custom name data is fully stripped from builds.

Features For Coders

  • Get component names in code using Component.GetName (great for debugging!).
  • Generate component names from their current state by calling Component.SetName in OnValidate.
  • Make and Component.ToString return custom component names by deriving from custom base class.

Highly Compatible

Compatible with Power Inspector, Odin Inspector and any custom editors you might have.

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