Altos Volumetric Clouds, Procedural Skybox, and Day Night Cycle

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  • Improved cloud shadow rendering.
  • The atmosphere shader now supports up to 8 sky objects affecting the atmosphere lighting state. Control the intensity of the sky object atmosphere shading using the falloff setting on the associated sky object.
  • Improved star rendering.
  • Added additional star textures.
  • You can now use the Altos clouds alone in the scene without the other components.
  • Improved overall performance and code quality.


Get ready to transform your Unity games with Altos, the complete sky system!

With Altos, you can easily craft stunning skies with volumetric clouds, a procedural skybox, a fully customizable day-night cycle, and more – all without writing code or breaking the bank. In just 60 seconds, you can replace your static skybox with Altos' infinitely customizable sky. Plus, with Altos' high-quality temporal anti-aliasing and ability to render in front of opaque geometry, your volumetric clouds will look amazing. And with realistic sun, moon, and star rendering, built-in atmospherics, and horizon-blended depth fog, the sky's the limit with Altos.

Join hundreds of other game developers who are already using Altos and see the difference it can make in your Unity projects. Try Altos today!

Easy to use. Beautiful results.

  • Fully dynamic and customizable sky.
  • Fully customizable day-night cycle.
  • Fully customizable volumetric clouds with high-quality temporal anti-aliasing, render scaling, and the ability to render in front of opaque geometry.
  • Realistic sun, moon, and star rendering.
  • Built-in atmospherics that seamlessly blends into the sky.


Volumetric clouds

Physically based, beautifully rendered volumetric clouds rendered in front of opaque scene geometry. Highly configurable.

2D clouds

Stunning, lightweight 2D clouds with convincing shadows. Control everything.

Procedural Skybox

Our stylized, yet realistic, procedural skybox gives you the ultimate control over the look of your skybox. Configure the sun color, fog effects, and sky colors for any time of day.

Day-Night Cycle

Configure any number of keyframes to control your sky's appearance at any time of day. Automatically progress through your day-night cycle at your pace, or freeze time in place and move it when you decide.


This asset is fast.

Profiled to <2ms using medium-quality settings.

Control your performance impact. using built-in performance controls such as Render Scale settings and optional Moon, Stars, and Volumetric Clouds functionalities.


  • Altos is tested and designed for Unity LTS releases.
  • The current version of Altos is certified for Unity 2021 LTS.


  • Does not support VR
  • Does not support OpenGL platforms

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