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From milk to canned goods - this extremely affordable package contains 55 supermarket food items made with love and care!


The models are between 6-936 polygons and come in FBX format. The package includes 256x256, 512x512 & 1024x1024 PBR textures (albedo/alpha, metalness/smoothness, normal) in TIFF format. There are also prefabs for all the different texture resolutions to make life easier for you. Compatible with built-in & URP (universal render pipeline).

This package is updated every now and then and it's price will go up, but everyone who already owns the package will of course get all updates for free.

ITEMS (Polygons)

- Beans (120P)

- Beer can (147P)

- Bread (140P)

- Bubblegum (6P)

- Butter (6P)

- Candy bar (38P)

- Cereal (6P)

- Cheese (108P)

- Chicken (317P)

- Chicken nuggets (46P)

- Chocolate syrup (204P)

- Coffee (96P)

- Cookies (82P)

- Creamy Buns (6P)

- Crème fraîche (84P)

- Cutlets (173P)

- Egg carton (214P)

- Fish sticks (6P)

- Flour (88P)

- French fries (112P)

- Ice cream (84P)

- Jam (168P)

- Juice (54P)

- Ketchup (132P)

- Lollipop (79P)

- Luncheon meat (169P)

- Macaroni & cheese (54P)

- Mayonnaise (132P)

- Milk (26P)

- Minced meat (140P)

- Mustard (132P)

- Noodles (64P)

- Pasta (98P)

- Peanut butter (168P)

- Plastic box (135P)

- Potato chips (124P)

- Potatoes (98P)

- Pudding (92P)

- Rice (78P)

- Salami (120P)

- Salmon (140P)

- Salt (6P)

- Salt crackers (146P)

- Six pack (936P)

- Soda (147P)

- Soda bottle (193P)

- Soup (120P)

- Sugar (88P)

- Sushi chutoro (44P)

- Sushi ebi (74P)

- Sushi nigiri (50P)

- Sushi piece (24P)

- Sushi tamagoyaki (82P)

- Tuna (111P)

- Whipped cream (168P)


Please note that this pack doesn't include any scripts or animations.


Feel free to contact the asset publisher if you have suggestions or complaints! Also keep in mind we reward useful feedback, bug reports and asset ideas with asset vouchers!



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