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VHS Pro is a camera post-processing effect which emulates look and feel of old cathode ray tube (CRT) screens. It emulates phosphor screen trail and bleeding, VHS tape noise (VHS data corruption), interlacing and jitter (deviation) in the analog video signal.
Best for 2D console-like games, 80's/90's/NES/Retro/VHS look, security cameras, robot and computer vision.
VHS Pro supports all 3 Render Pipelines
✔ Built-in RP
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1. Pixelization
Screen Resolution Quantization.
-Presets: PAL, NTSC, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, etc.
-Custom Resolution
2. Signal Encoding
Color downsampling for each channel.
-Color Encoding. Modes: Grayscale, RGB, YIQ (NTSC).
-Dithering. Various types and adjustable amount.
-Signal Tweak. Shift and Adjust YIQ channels.
3. Palette
Allows you to limit the picture colors by a palette.
-Presets: IBM CGA, Atari, MS DOS Games, Nintendo, Gameboy, etc.
-Custom Palette
4. CRT Emulation
Emulates a cathode ray tube monitor and signal bleeding.
5. Noise
Emulates various signal and screen noises.
-Film Grain
-Signal Noise
-Line Noise
-Tape Noise
6. Jitter & Twitch
Emulates deviations in analog video signal and CRT.
-Floating Lines
-Stretch Noise
-Jitter Horizontal
-Jitter Vertical
-Twitch Horizontal
-Twitch Vertical
7. Phosphor Trail
Emulates phosphor screen decay.
8. Tools
-Unscaled Time
-Bypass Texture
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