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DICORD SERVER - updates info / etc

The flexible and deep modularity of this pack helps you to create a big various squad of soldiers from different countries. There is a smart material system to help customize each soldier in a unique way by materials and flexible customization of meshes.

There are 19 ready color and camouflage presets, like real spec forces. So you can customize yourself, and easily pick up new camouflage patterns and colors.

The character is divided into 7 sets: Face and arms, pants with boots, jacket, gloves, unloading (body armor, tactical belt, tactical groin, tactical shoulder pads), pouches(Pouches, drop pouches, radio, mags and etc) and a head gear (Helmet, glasses, nvg, cap, and other gear)

High detail meshes and textures make this package ready for high-quality games and cinematics.



Model using standard UE mannequin and you can easily use all available animations from the marketplace or free animation starter pack from Epic.


A smart material system will allow you to customize each set separately, dividing it into 4 parts. For example tactical shirt for sleeves, torso, velcro and metal parts (Zipper, etc.)

You can set each body part with a color or camo pattern, by ready presets or your own.

The package contains ready presets of materials, 19 pieces for each set. 6 parts x 19 + 7 ready patches presets x4.


This package includes 10 tiled camouflage textures of the modern army of the world. These are American variations (Multicam, forest multicam, marpat, etc.), German, Ukrainian pixel, Netherlandish woodland, etc.


The package includes ready to use patches of 7 countries of the world, 4 ready-made variations for each (7x4 materials), but you can also customize your own unique ones (Text color, background, flag color saturation or brightness) or added new ones by using the method described in the documentation.

The ready patches include: Ukraine (KORD), USA (SPEC FORCES), UK (SWAT), France (GIGN), Poland (GROM), Netherlands (POLITIE), Germany (POLIZEI), Canada (SOF);


All texture packs (of character) are in 4k resolution.

You can downgrade them by using the method described in docs.


The grid has excellent optimization, for the close-mid distances. The character can be used for TPS. There are ready 4 LODs for each mesh. Drop pouch and groin are physical objects, which add realism to the character.

You can easily replace or add new your own face mesh of this soldier by using method described in docs.

UPDATE INFO [27.06.2022]

Head without balaclava added. Eye blink shapekeys. AK Mags pouches. Separate pouches meshes. Fix some rig issues (Hands, back). Minor fixes

UPDATE INFO [26.09.2022]

Naked torso of character added. Fixed fingers bone weight, added fingerless version of gloves. Corrected character proportions. 4th version of balaclava.

UPDATE INFO [02.12.2022]

Fix skeleton and allow you to use Modular FPS Arms Pack with soldier correctly.

*Weapon shown in photos NOT included.

*Names of real military brands have been changed.

*CC0 - flags, pattern textures: .

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Technical Details


  • Deep modular outfits, equipment, materials & etc.
  • Showcase scene with deep customization
  • 154 presets material instances
  • Smart materials system (Outfits, patches)
  • 10 ready camouflage patterns
  • Physics groin, drop pouch
  • High detail of mesh and textures \ great optimization
  • 8 ready patches preset (UA, USA, FRA, NLD, DEU, GBR, PL, ะกAN)
  • 12 Vest pouches presets, 4 warbelt pouches presets, 2 groin pouches presets, 12 helmet headgear presets, etc.
  • Head without balaclava, eyes blink shapekeys
  • M4\AK Mags pouches

Rigged: YES

Rigged to Epic skeleton: YES

Number of Animations: Demo

Number of characters: 5 ready entire characters, 7 ready characters BP presets + 140 modular mesh pieces

Vertex counts of characters: min ~20,000 verts, max ~65,000 verts (full gear)

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 6 master materials, 140 material instances.

Number of Textures: 66

Texture Resolutions: 512x512, 1024ั…1024, 4096x4096

Documentation: LINK

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