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LDC 6 now supports VR and is compatible with Unity 5.x to 2021.x!
About Localized Dialogs & Cutscenes (LDC)
LDC is an amazingly intuitive HD Cutscene and Dialog UI System! Revolving around easy to use custom editors, this industry proven framework can effortlessly create powerful localized GUIs for cutscene style dialogs, visual novels, user prompts, passwords, tutorials and more!
Get a Yandex API key to automatically translate your dialogs into 9 languages with a single click! Build once, deploy anywhere! Now with support for Google Spreadsheets! Fully Works on Desktop, Web & Mobile with resolution independence!
Please note that LDC is a highly custom and optimized tool built on top of Unity's immediate GUI system.
LDC Features
- GUI works in screen or world space!
- Supports VR!
- Create powerful Dialogs with NO scripting!
- Multiple-choice Dialogs!
- Data Entry & Password Screens!
- Create titles, intros, chapters and more!
- Create Popup alerts and splash screens!
- Icon Grids! Inventories, selectors, etc!
- One click translation into 9 languages! (Requires Yandex API Key)
- In and Out Screen Transition Effects!
- Text is static / scrollable / auto-scrolling!
- Visually Script Navigation With Logic Screens!
- $Tokens! Custom Variable System!
- ! Custom rich text and effects!
- ! cadence, settings and more!
- Built-in (Save/Load) File Management!
- Create, edit and delete PlayerPrefs!
- Animated Icons, Actors & Backgrounds!
- Add graphics and animations to buttons!
- Transitions with Fades & Motion!
- Intuitive Image & Animation Libraries!
- Sequence GameObjects with Actions!
- Audio with built-in Actions!
- Fine control of all UI motion, fades, etc!
- Easily modify UI themes with GUISkins!
- Supports Touch, Keyboard, Mouse & Joypads!
- Work in teams with Google Spreadsheets!
- Dialogue Localization & External APIs
- 22 Playable Demos & detailed PDF manual!
- Works in all projects (C#, JS, or Boo)!
- FULL source (No DLLs!)
- Supports Unity 5.x to 2021.x!
Third Party Integration
LDC integrates with almost any plugin with its powerful SendMessage actions. However, built-in actions and support for the following plugins are included specifically:
- PlayMaker
- uSequencer!
- RT-Voice!
LDC Videos, Demos & Docs
> LDC Intro Video
> Visual Novel / Comic Demo
> Adventure / Mystery Demo
> FPS Demo
> VR-Style Demo
> Tutorial Videos
> Documentation (PDF)
> Forum

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