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The blueprint takes information from the selected light to shade the moon with diffuse roughness, parallax occlusion mapping or displacement, and self shadowing. There is also a faked ambient occlusion fill light and bounce lighting in the craters. If an optional mask map is used the material will switch to a more complicated shader supporting specular, metalness and a grayscale emissive that can be tinted.

You can use any texture maps that conform to colour in RGB and height in alpha. Included free are 7 texture sets all at 8k resolution: Earth's moon from the latest Nasa maps, two procedurally generated generic moons; procedurally generated icy, volcanic and sandy moons; and the planet Mercury.

Earth moon source here.

Mercury sources: 1 2 3

Technical Details

Blueprints: 1

Maps: 7 Example Maps

Materials: 4

Material Functions: 4

Meshes: 2

Textures: 10 at 8k

Supported Development Platforms: Windows 64

Documentation: Tooltips

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