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This asset pack contains many Frank Assets that use weapons.

A Whip-compatible 'Sword2' is planned and can be included in the Slash Pack.

I'll share the video once I start making it.

Thank you for your interest and use.

How to fix Root Motion

Anim Export (Import)

Retargeting to UE5 Mannequin (Video)

Slash Pack Motion List

Promotion Video

+ Sword 2 Sword, Shield animation FBX


1.9 .5 : Damages (soon)

1.9 .4 : 2handed Mannequin's Root modified

1.9 .3: Sword 2 Added

1.9 .1 :

---Fixed Warrior Anim FBX Root.

---Fixed Stealth Kill Hit Anim FBX Root scale issue.

---Added Sword 2 Sample Motions.

1.9 : Whip

1.8 : Stealth Kill

1.7.1 : Great Sword (Mannequin)

1.7 : Great Sword +

1.5.13 : Fixed Spear Asset's Bone Scale.

1.5.13 : Weapons + IP, RM files are classified (All in-place motions are IP folders)

1.5.12 : Spear Walk_F (40f-->46f)

1.5 : + Spear Set

1.3 : + Katana Set

1.0 : Warrior, Dual, Assassin, 2Handed

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Technical Details


  • Mesh FX has been added. (For example)
  • Motion with Jump motion added Root up and down motion.
  • All motions are handcrafted at 60FPS.
  • How to fix Root Motion

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Rigged: Yes

Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes

Animated: Yes

Number of Characters: 9 + 1 (Mannequin)

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