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This tool provides easy, flexible and pretty simple functionality to create puzzle game in one day.
The core of Match3 Tool is based on MVVM pattern and includes simple \"bindings\". This means that all elements has \"Model\" and \"View\" classes and communicates with each other using binding. View classes inheritance from MonoBehaviour, and Model is a custom class which describes properties of the element. Also in this project presents Controller class, it is something like a bridge between different elements. This approach helped to get very good performance and reduce the number of bugs to a minimum.
All code are very flexible - you can expand or change any functionality, you can also create infinitely many prefabs with different variations of the gameplay aspects and just replace them on the fly. This package includes a basic set of all the prefabs you need to get a full Match3 game in a couple of minutes.
A very dynamic approach is used to render and animate elements on the field. All you need to do is inherit from the base class of IElementAnimations and override the main methods for various states of elements. The package contains examples of animations using code and animations based on the Animator.
The package also includes AI (artificial intelligence) functionality that you can customize to suit your needs. All you need to do is enable it on the board and set complexity.

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