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UGUI MiniMap is a complete and easy-to-use MiniMap / WorldMap solution for Unity using the UGUI system. You can easily integrate any type of minimap you want for any genre of games like Racing, FPS, RPG, RTS, etc...

You can have it up and running as quickly as dragging and dropping one of the minimaps presets in your scene -> assign the main player in the inspector -> done.

A fast and powerful system that works on all platforms, including mobiles, using the Picture mode where you bake your map using the included automated bake tool, you can render your whole map using just one draw call, and for big maps, the bake tool also supports cluster baking allowing the map render to be baked in multiple areas for highly precise image details with a minimum performance cost.

Get Started Video | Discord | Preview


- Square and Circle Mini Map shape.

- RealTime and Picture Render Mode.

- Support for Build-In and Universal Render Pipelines.

- Optimized for Mobile platforms.

- Bake map render for performance.

- NEW: Support for cluster bake render for big maps.

- Fullscreen map transition.

- Fullscreen map navigation and zooming.

- Easy to reskin using only UGUI Images.

- Compass Bar.

- Border Icons.

- World map point markers.

- New RTS Camera Movement.

- Circle Border icons.

- Sector Grid.

- 3D and 2D Mode.

- Static or Dynamic rotation map.

- Hit / Damage Effect.

- World Map and Minimap

- Static Map mode.

- Circle Area for each icon.

- Support custom map masks.

- Create Waypoints / Icons easily in runtime.

- 2D Example scene.

- Panning Tweening.

- HoofdPunt indicator.

- Zoom In and Out.

- In Editor documentation.

- Easy to use (Drag and Drop).

- Customize icon color, size, sprite, etc.

- Animated Icons.

- Zoom Levels.

- Buttons items.

- Automatic bounds calculation.

- Clean code - C#.

- Well commented.

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