Autumn Valley Level

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IMPORTANT!! It requires:

  • Mountain Environment - Dynamic Nature
  • Forest Environment - Dynamic Nature
  • River Auto Material 2019 .
  • Unity 2021.3 LTS and higher

As it's marked in asset dependencies

This is a high-quality, game-ready level with a road running through hills, rivers, and forest environment, surrounded by mountains. Asphalt can be replaced by dirt road (switch between objects at hierarchy) so it will fit more medieval and fantasy as well

This pack is a scene which works in HDRP, URP, and built-in render pipeline (standard render).

Screens and video were made using unity HD RP render pipeline, but you can check how it looks at unity built-in (standard) in 2nd video with the import process tutorial.

Pack features:

- additional autumn version of trees and bushes for forest and mountain environment

- additional road assets like: road barriers, tunnel, asphalt textures

- autumn materials

- autumn prefabs and materials

- 240x240m playable map

- HD RP, URP, built-in render pipeline (standard render)

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