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PRO Effects: FPS Muzzle flashes & Impacts will upgrade your First Person Shooter to a new level.

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* 15 Game-Ready effects for player weapons.
Each effect contains muzzle flash, smoke and shells where necessary.
* 56 HQ Bullet Hole Decals.
4 decal variants for each of 14 surface types.
2K atlases.
* 15 Impact effects.
For each of 15 surface types.
* High quality sprite sheets.
4K textures.

Player Weapons (Shoot VFX):
1. Pistol
2. Pistol with Silencer
3. SMG
4. Revolver
5. Shotgun
6. Assault Rifle
7. Machine Gun
8. 50 cal. Rifle
9. Grenade Launcher (grenade explosion)
10. Rocket Launcher (rocket explosion)
11. Flamethrower
12. Molotov Cocktail (Molotov explosion)
13. Frag Grenade (grenade explosion)
14. Smoke Grenade
15. Flashbang (flashbang explosion + post processing effect)

Impacts and decals:
1. Concrete
2. Rock
3. Glass
4. Bricks
5. Wood
6. Plywood
7. Thin Metal
8. Metal
9. Flesh
10. Asphalt
11. Mud
12. Ground
13. Sand
14. Ceramics
15. Water (without decals)

Demo scene requires Post Processing Stack v2 and Linear color space.

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