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Over 250 spaceships ready for use in your game!

A must have for anyone building a sci-fi game at an incredible price.

These spaceship sets come with different colors to pick from, contain material instance to create your own colors and have their parts included for you to easily make your own combinations. This collection can also come in very handy for creating concepts of your own spaceships.

But please note that the textures are not made for extreme closeups and won't hold up at very high levels of zoom. We have included closeup shots to show the textures quality and the free sample should be more than sufficient to test if this collection fits your project needs.

Both the Galactic Leopard & Space Excalibur are included in this collection in addition to 14 other spaceships sets!

If you want to expand this collection and obtain more spaceships, you can also consider the: Ultimate Spaceships Creator Expansion pack which is not included in this collection.

This pack art style completely matches our following assets which can make a great addition to this collection!

  • Ultimate Spaceships Creator Expansion
  • Space Stations Creator
  • Modular Warp Gates
  • Alien Modular Space Stations
  • Modular Sci-Fi Weapons
  • Ground Units Creator
  • Modular Hover Racers

Additionally, if you would like something suitable for higher resolutions, close-ups or 1st person VR experiences you might want to check our: Hi-Rez Spaceships Creator !

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Technical Details


  • 256 Spaceships
  • 16 Different spaceship sets
  • 7 Materials for each spaceship set
  • Material instances for creating your own colors
  • Parts included
  • Matching colors and style with many of our other assets

Texture Sizes: (Some spaceships use a texture resolution of 2K and others 4K)

  • 4K Base Color (6 Different Colors)
  • 4K Occlusion/Roughness/Metallic Map
  • 4K Normal Map
  • 4K Emissive Map (3 Different Colors)
  • 4K Masks for material instances
  • Bonus arcade spaceships and insects have 512x512 textures

Scaled to Epic skeleton: No

Collision: Yes, custom made

Vertex Count: Between 600 and 10,000 with an average spaceship vertex count of 1,500 vertex

LODs: No

Number of Meshes: 514 (This includes both the spaceship sets and their parts)

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 170

Number of Textures: 300

Supported Development Platforms: All

Supported Target Build Platforms: All

Documentation: None

Important/Additional Notes:

  • Textures resolution and detail level are not suitable for extreme closeup shots. We have included many screenshots including close-ups, please do carefully review the free sample and gallery images and judge for yourself if the level of detail and texture resolution you see is sufficient for your project needs or not.
  • These modular parts are meant to be moved, scaled and rotated organically and possibly intersect and go inside other parts as shown in the trailer and are not made to lock snap in position. This gives additional flexibility for assembling units creatively. This approach have been tested and proven to be immensely popular by all of our assets users.

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