Advanced Riding Locomotion System

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  • This asset doesn't include animations and models
  • This asset contains only generic components
  • Required asset: Horse Animset

Showcase Youtube

Try the demo: Horse Riding & Irval the Wyvern

Discord: Link (any questions DM )

Version 1.5.1 ( Updated 2022-12-18 )

  • Fixed bug when client joined - Youtube

Version 1.5 ( Updated 2022-09-28 )

*** UE4 version is only downloadable in Discord ***

  • Support swimming
  • Added Cmpt_Horse & Cmpt_HorseRider components(Ease of integration)

*** New Tutorials ***

  • Seed project: Video Tutorial (UE4/UE5) Required
  • UE5 Skeleton: Video Tutorial (UE5 Only)
  • Advanced Locomotion System V4: Video Tutorial (UE4/UE5 )
  • EasySurvival RPG: Showcase Standalong | Mutiplayer -> Video Tutorials (UE4/UE5)
  • Continuous update

Horse Riding System Example Project v1.4.3 (UE4/UE5) ( Updated 2022-07-10 ) not recommend

  • Showcase´╝ÜHorse Riding & Pegasus
  • Required asset: Horse Animset
  • Get the example project´╝ÜVideo Tutorials
  • How to make : Video Tutorials

Irval the Wyvern

  • Showcase : Youtube
  • Required asset: Irval the Wyvern
  • How to make : Video Tutorial

Component: Animal Movement - Documentation

  • How to use it: Ground & Fly
  • Movement: Just provide a Blendspace
  • Play different animations based on speed
  • Speed & rotation is configurable

Component: Mount & Riding - Documentation

  • How to use it: Horse Riding
  • Smooth camera transition during posses: Use in ALS


UE4 & UE5 Differences Youtube

The reason for this difference is used `Animation Blueprint Templates` in UE5



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Technical Details


  • Inspired by the game Mount & Blade
  • Blueprint Only
  • Use in-place animations
  • Component based design. Can be integrated into any project
  • Manage speed and rotation with the Timeline
  • Modify the character's performance via configuration

Number of Blueprints:

  • Actor Components´╝Ü5
  • Timeline Actor´╝Ü5
  • Anim Graph´╝Ü3
  • Structure´╝Ü2
  • Enumeration´╝Ü2

Network Replicated: (Yes)

Supported Development Platforms:

Only tested in Windows

Documentation: Link

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  • Unreal Engine
  • 5.0
  • 108065