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This asset includes all of Frank's assets from 2018 to May 2022.

Please understand that one or more assets will be included in the future,

and the price may be adjusted slightly each time.

How to fix Root Motion

Retargeting to UE5 Mannequin (Video)


Frank Pack Video

+ Sword 2 , - in production.

Frank's Fighting Set 4 - in production.

Sword, Shield animation FBX


The Frank Pack contains a lot of FBX Raw files, so refunds can be difficult.

Therefore, please purchase carefully after downloading the FBX file below

and testing whether it is suitable.

Compatibility Test .FBX

Update :

1.9 - Sword 2


---Fixed Warrior Anim FBX Root.

---Fixed Stealth Kill Hit Anim FBX Root scale issue.

---Added Sword 2 Sample Motions.

1.8 Platformer Basic , Dance

FX Removed

Whip Weapon - Idle Pose : Whip was re-skinned according to Idle Pose.

Whip Female

+Anim . FBX

Most of the FBX animation files are included.

Retargeting problems and motion correction problems

can be corrected using FBX files using your 3D tool.

FBX files cannot be viewed directly by the UE4 engine, so

It is recommended to unzip the file using a file explorer and check it.

Compatibility Test .FBX

Export to Blender

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Technical Details


  • All motions were handcrafted at 60FPS.
  • Each folder contains assets.
  • Many FBX animation files are included.
  • How to fix Root Motion

Rigged to Epic skeleton: (Yes)

If rigged to the Epic skeleton, IK bones are included: (Yes)

Number of Animations:

Sword 2 175 +5

Damages 173

FS2 79

FS3 217

Archer 67

Fighter 87

Gunslinger 75

Mage 83

Sword 1 62

Assassin 132

2Handed 90

Dual 142 FBX not included.

GreatSword 75

Katana 149

Spear 84

Stealth Kill 54

Warrior 191

Whip 85

Platformer 215

total : 2200 +

Animation types (Root Motion + In-place)

Number of Characters : 19 + 1 (Mannequin) + 1 ChestBox

Supported Development Platforms : Windows, Mac

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