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Make your FPS vision a reality with an asset that solves most of the problems you'll encounter while building a polished FPS game. NeoFPS was developed with the core goals of flexibility, extensibility and control. It enables you to precisely meet your FPS design goals or experiment with new ideas.

You design worlds. NeoFPS puts players in them.

Official Website • Playable Demo • Documentation • Tutorials • Integrations

Roadmap • Codecks • Support • Forum Thread • Discord

Key Features:

The core of NeoFPS is a powerful \"motion graph\" visual FSM editor for modelling first person movement, sitting on top of a custom kinematic character controller. Combined with a powerful camera setup and modular firearm system, NeoFPS can build impressive FPS mechanics out of the box.

Firearms are assembled from a variety of modules that define their behaviour such as different aimers or reloaders. They are then animated via a combination of keyframed animations and procedural animation features. A variety of custom shaders are provided for render texture scopes or projected holographic sights (including URP and HDRP variations).

A full save-game system allows you to use quick-save and load to save everything down to bullets in flight. Alternatively you can selectively save data at checkpoints, or to persist data such as health and inventory between scene changes.

Extensive documentation and tens of deep-dive tutorial videos guide you through the features as you go. If you have any problems or want to chat about FPS or gamedev in general then join the active discord server alongside hundreds of other users, and share your FPS journey.

Demo Scenes:

The Demo Facility is a small slice of an example game level that will be expanded as new features are added. Alongside that there are the following feature demo scenes:

  • Parkour - Explore a simple scene filled with obstacles using the parkour features, along with a grappling hook and a Dishonoured/Deathloop style blink power
  • Firing Range - Try out some of the demo weapons against pop-up and moving targets to see if you can get the best score
  • Jetpacks And Guided Missiles - Hover, boost and ski around a simple open scene with a movement setup inspired by the game Tribes, while firing drunken missile salvos at moving targets
  • First Person Body(*Requires Third Party Animations) - Try out the full character body with foot and hand IK
  • Interactable Doors - Test out various different door styles, along with the keychain feature and lockpicks
  • Camera Shake - Experience some simple one-shot and continuous camera shake examples that you can adapt to your scenes
  • Swimming - Dive and swim in a scene that shows moving water zones, as well as flow zones that push you along
  • Moving Platforms - Step onto a variety of moving and spinning platforms to see how they affect your character
  • Inventories - Try the 3 inventory options currently available in NeoFPS to see which fits best
  • NeoCharacterController - Check out some of the features of the custom charater controller such as pushing physics objects and variable up vector and gravity
  • Persistence - Keep your inventory and health as you load from one scene to another with the persistence feature
  • Multi-Scene Saves - Navigate a compound demo scene made of 3 sub-scenes that load and unload as you move around. Their contents are recorded via the save system and restored when loaded in
  • Origin Shift - Shift the world and its contents as you move around a simple scene to keep you close to the origin and avoid floating point accuracy errors in large, open worlds
  • Ladders - Test out a variety of ladder styles to pick the one that best suits your game

You can try each of these demo scenes before purchase with the Playable Demo on

Recently Added:

  • Touchscreen controls
  • URP and HDRP support
  • Origin shift for large open worlds
  • Multi-scene saves

Check out the \"Technical Details\" below for a more in-depth list of included features.

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