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Use shader to realize visual field visualization, project the visual field of the camera onto the ground, and directly see the visual field range of the camera. This technology is widely used in RTS games, such as commandos series, desperados series, etc
Since shaders are not common in hdrp, URP and built-in rendering pipelines, please purchase the corresponding version
Note: unity2019 4.0 and hair, providing shaders corresponding to HDRP rendering pipeline, URP rendering pipeline and built-in rendering pipeline respectively.
The functions are as follows:
1. The field of view of the camera represents the field of view of the person and is projected onto the ground through the shader
2. The angle of the field of view can be dynamically adjusted, and the distance of the field of view can be dynamically adjusted. The angle and distance of the field of view are the field of view angle and far cutting plane of the field of view camera
3. The color of the field of view projected on the ground can be dynamically adjusted and can be configured as two colors or monochrome
4. The field of view can be configured as stripe display, and the width and color of stripes can be dynamically adjusted
5. The transparency of field projection can be adjusted dynamically
6. The height of the field of view rides the height control of the camera and supports any complex terrain

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