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⚜️ This System has everything you need to create a Game! It comes together with a full set of Tutorials explaining how each feature work and how it can be changed to fit your own games needs! ⚜️

Over 2000 thousand hours and $5000 dollars have been put into this System to ensure it provides a huge selection of features and Art aiming to compete with that of Triple A Games. The System is specifically designed to be Flexible aiming to fit a wide range of games types. A lot of thought has gone into making the Blueprinting as simple, understandable and as well laid out as possible to help you get a fast understanding of how the system works so you can jump straight into adapting it for your game. Check out some of the reviews and videos to get a better understanding of the system!

⚔️ System Videos & Demo ⚔️

Cinematic Trailer - (In Progress)

System Features - (In Progress)

Try out the Playable Demo - Click here to Download Packaged Demo

Verification Benefits & Tutorial -


⚔️ Tutorials & Support ⚔️

This system comes with a heap of Tutorials going over every aspect of using and adapting the system as well as more exciting videos like combining the system with ALS, it also comes with a Discord role where you can chat to me or other users about any problems you are having. To gain access to this you must be verified on the Discord group. Click the following link and follow the instructions on getting verified, once verified you will have access to all the Tutorials and channels where assistance can be given for the system.

⚔️ Video Reviews ⚔️

⭐ Matt Aspland ⭐

⭐ Virtus Learning HUB ⭐

⚔️ Primary Features ⚔️

  • Melee Combat (Dual Wield, 2H, 1 Handed Left, 1 Handed Right, Fists, 1 Hand Shield, Shield)
  • Ranged Combat (10 Arrow Types)
  • Magic Combat (57 different Spells)
  • Inventory System
  • Dialogue System
  • Quest System
  • Input Buffer System
  • Trading System
  • Dynamic Equipment System
  • Targeting System
  • Combat Text
  • Assassinations (Melee & Ranged)
  • Levelling Up System
  • Storage & Looting System
  • Stats System
  • Full Set of Animations
  • 3 Armor Sets (Melee, Ranged, Magic)
  • Full set of Icons for each Item & Spell
  • Static & Skeletal Meshes for each item
  • Advanced AI
  • Sound FX
  • Music
  • Full set of Niagara VFX
  • Save System

If you have any questions please feel free to hop into my Discord or Comment on one of my YouTube Videos

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Technical Details

Number of Animations: 273

  • Locomotion
  • Interactive AFK Idle
  • Brake
  • Strafe
  • Light Attacks
  • Heavy Attacks
  • Blocks
  • Turn In Place
  • Crouch
  • Assassination
  • Aiming
  • Hit Reacts

Number of Blueprints: 177

  • Actor Components
  • Blueprint Interfaces
  • Widget Blueprints
  • Behaviour Tree Nodes
  • Item Blueprints
  • Level Blueprints

Number of Niagara VFX: 110

  • Spells
  • Arrow Special Damage FX

Number of Sound FX: 127

  • Movement
  • Combat
  • Spells
  • Background Music

Number of Meshes: 114

  • 3 SK Armor Sets
  • Weapons
  • Arrows
  • Demo Arena Environment
  • General (Coins, Potions etc)


  • Space.Bar.Anim - If you are looking for Animations check out Space's Page! He assisted me with almost all the animations in this Pack!
  • Giorgigedianidze - If you are looking for Niagara VFX check out Giorgi's Page! He assisted me with a lot of the VFX in the system

Input: Keyboard, Mouse (Controller to be added in future update)

Network Replicated: No (Multiplayer to be added in a future update)

See Tutorial Playlist for Instructions on using the System

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