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Ingame Date & Time is a plugin to enable working with a calendar/time system within your game world. You can use the standard calendar, or define your own calendar with custom named periods. For example, in a space game, you could create your own galactic calendar.

The system is suitable for any type of game with a persistent world. It's also ideal as a way of driving graphical time-of-day systems, or other time dependent effects such as dynamic weather or seasonal appearance changes.

- Use built-in standard (Gregorian) calendar, or custom defined calendar.

- Specify times/durations using shorthand text input.

- Add/subtract time and duration values.

- No more scheduling of game events in terms of realtime seconds - work entirely within your game world time system.

- Create blueprint timers, and optionally attach any data to be passed to timer event handler.

- Flexible formatting options makes creating time and date UMG widgets very easy.

- Precise sun position calculation included for Gregorian calendar, taking into account latitude and longitude, ready to plug into a graphical time-of-day system.

- In-game clock respects game pause/time dilation, but can also be paused or modified independently.

- Easily save and load clock state as part of a save game object.

- Options for dynamically adjusting clock speed, or simulating passage of game-world time to reflect realtime passed since game was last saved.

- Network ready - clock runs on server with smoothed client-side ticking.

Technical Details

Network replicated: Yes


• IngameDateTime (Runtime)

• IngameDateTimeEditor (Editor)

Intended platforms: Windows, Android

Platforms tested: Windows, Android

Documentation included: Yes

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Example project: Examples within plugin content

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