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Extile Plus is primarily a randomization texture material setup for both geometric and organic patterned textures eliminating any tiling repetitions with ease. However over time it has grown to be more than just that and is now a complete suite of environment master materials using Unreal's layering system that can let you texture any environment project both non-repetitively and non-destructively to create a one stop material solution as used in all AAA studios.

*Extile was recently featured in the 2022 Venice Film Festival official selection of "Stay Alive My Son" a multi-award winning VR film made in Unreal and that used Extile exclusively in the creation of all of its environments.

V3.2 (UE5)

This is one of the biggest updates so far.

Firstly there's now a fully documented pdf help on all materials! Secondly I have rewritten a lot of the special materials to be more interrelated and easier to follow. I have also rearranged the examples in the level and regrouped the folders to match this new simplified philosophy. Last but not least I have rewritten parts of Extile Plus Master material and is now using a new organic randomization function that works with default settings on most surfaces as well as other refinements.

P.S Future updates will be in the UE5 version but you can still download the UE4 version.



Additional textured material layer that allows for quick addition of up to 4 channel packed masks plus fuzzy shading parameters in both texture layered materials.


New material blend for layered materials using distance fields to calculate occluding meshes and create dynamic masks on intersecting meshes. You can do this on intersecting meshes as well as landscapes.

Implemented custom data primitives on certain parameters in material layers delineating the need to add more material instances for variations incurring no additional draw calls. For example you can use one material with infinite color variations in your scenes with no additional draw calls.

There's a new vertex mask blend with directional control and optional use of height mask from base layer to create height based vertex paint effects.


Added material layer "band" blend (for creating edge dirt on top and bottom of surfaces like walls, floors etc) and new advanced color layer (both for use with material layers)


This is a big one! Extile non-repetitive functions can now be used with Unreal's powerful and flexible layered material system. Using material layers you can now stack as many layers/masks as you want using the 11 X built in material blends. Great for creating non-destructive, non-repetitive workflows for any project -solo to professional!

Material layers have been enabled in the project settings under Rendering features. It is on by default from 4.26 and above (Video link below)

(*Also found in Exsite)


Masking refinements in the special non-repetitive compact functions allowing for Z height and grout masking capabilities


There's an Exbomb II now giving you even more options and possibilities


+The "baby" of the family - Exbomb - in the special materials section now comes with added overlay layer and an additional material setup with optional wetness parameters.


+Two new non-aligned patterned compact functions plus their master materials. The functions come in pairs for easy stacking and for non-conflicting naming conventions.


+ Two new non-repetitive compact material functions and master materials with integrated masks, advanced color randomization (based on object position in Org) that optionally work with atlas textures and channel packed versions as well. The functions are very concise and therefore easy for more modular material setups.

+ One new Org-seamless function (a combination of two existing functions for special cases)


EXTILE was created to eliminate the ugly repetitiveness associated with tiling textures. Using random algorithms it can eliminate repetitiveness in both geometric and organic type textures. EXTILE PLUS allows you to create many surface effects that would otherwise require more complicated workflows giving you endless possibilities with just one material and one texture set. A Special folder includes continuously updated advanced material creations using non-repetitive functions.

Features include: Staggered and non-staggered geometric randomization ability, seamless organic randomization materials, any color ID selection, atlas material functions used with randomization functions, grout definition and normal application, color effects, multiple cutout effects, backside surface with texture effects, texture-less random displacement effects, a UV pattern generator letting you create chevron style patterns and circular configurations, second texture set blend, height based dirt, z-up puddles, texture baking and more.

EXTILE is dissected in functions letting you create your own non-repetitive materials.

* All materials and functions are compatible with ue5 early release (sans displacement/tessellation which is currently not supported in ue5 early release)

USAGE TIPS (as used in AAA production):

V2.8 (new features)

Extile + Material Layers (V2.6)

General Overview:


Extile + Ultra Dynamic Sky Setup:

Other Products:


Non-repetitive environment toolset


Base non-repetitive tiling material


Landscape non-repetitive tiling material


Non-repetitive prop materials


Procedural generated material shapes

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Technical Details

2 X Extile Master Materials:



路 10 X Material layers and 16 X Blends (including non repetitive blends) - Layered Material setup

路 7 X Unique Master Material examples using Material functions

路 2 X non-repetitive Atlas Master Materials

路 2 X non-repetitive Color ID Mask Master Materials

路 13 X Special Materials

路 57X Material Instances

路 1 X Bake Texture Blueprint

路 71 X Material Functions including:

Geometric and organic randomization functions, random seed generator, procedural quick mask and splat mask generators, Z-up puddles, height based function, dirt function, grout texture calculation, UV pattern generators, world aligned functions, height based functions, various utilities and parameter functions including quadrant selection, world aligned functions and more. Atlas texture creation, Color ID masks and more.

Number of Texture sets: 13 (Textures from

Number of Texture masks: 7

Texture Resolutions: (2k and 4k)

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: (Yes)

Mac: (Yes)

Documentation: Included in the project folder and in the project level itself.

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