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Please read this description carefully before purchasing this project.

In this project (for SAShotgun), due to the peculiarities of the reload animation, the weapon is temporarily (during the reload period) attached to the LEFT hand. But the socket of the left hand coincides in coordinate with the socket of the right hand. Therefore, in order for you not to have problems with the SAShotgun reload animation, you need to create a socket for the left hand with the following coordinates:

"SAS_LeftH_Sckt" Relative Location: x = -31,722, y = 0,715, z = 9,901; Relative Rotation: x = -148,147003, y = -6,428, z = -4,825. For the UE mannequin.

For projects "CG_SAShotgun" and "CG_PAShotgun". In order for the weapon reload animation to work correctly in UE 5, you need to uncheck "Enable auto blending" in every reload animation montage for the mannequin except "Anim_Mann_PAS_Reloading_End_Montage". Repeat the same action for all animation montages of reloading the weapon itself.

The project has been updated.

Update 01 SAShotgun: in all animations, the position of the left hand holding the weapon has been corrected for the character. When reloading, the weapon is temporarily attached to the socket of the left hand. The character's walking and running animation have been changed. PAShotgun and DBShotgun: The character's walking and running animation have been changed.

Realistic shotguns with attachments. Contains example blueprints for assembly.

Three different types of shotgun, holo sight, laser/flashlight, three kinds of choke, and silencer.

Pump-action shotgun:

Semi-automatic shotgun:

Double Barrel Shotgun:

Each type of choke gives a different angle of dispersion of the pellets from a gun.

A different angle of dispersion:

This project uses a material layering system, so you can give your weapon a different look with different patterns. You can also change only a tint.

Animated for the first person.

The shotguns presented in this pack can be purchased separately.

Semi-automatic shotgun:

Pump-action shotgun:

Double-barrel shotgun:

But if you decide to buy two or more, then it will be more profitable to purchase this pack.

As a bonus, the project has an animation of a frag grenade throw and an animation of a stun grenade throw.

As well as animation of weapon jamming.

SAS jammed:

PAS jammed:

DBS also has a gun-jamming animation.

Important Note: All projects of the "CG series" are based on a common platform, but are not uniform. Each project has a specialized logic of its own one. The project was conceived not as a complete one, but as an asset pack. So that users can take animation and weapon models for themselves in a more advanced project. The blueprints for this project are configured for presentation only. But advanced developers can improve it.

How to upgrade your UE4 Project to UE5:

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Technical Details

Technical Details


One semi-automatic shotgun, one pump-action shotgun, (the double-barrel shotgun in development), and attachments.

Character Animation Blueprint for the basic display of Animation.

Materials and some sound setup.

Rigged: Yes

Number of Meshes: 17 ( 3 SK, and 14 SM).

Collision: Yes. Custom.

Vertex Count: 264 - 33563 vertices per mesh.

LODs: Yes.

Animations: FP character has 84 Animations for three guns (Fire, Aim Down Sight, Idle, Reload, Full Reload, Run, Sprint, Jump, Walk, etc.)

The weapons have 30 Animations (Fire, Fire ADS, Reload, Full Reload, etc.)

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 3 Material layers, 6 Master materials, 2 Post-process materials, 12 Material instances, 19 Material instances variations.

Number of Textures: 30 textures, 8 reticles, 8 patterns.

Texture Resolutions: 7 - 4096x4096, 14 - 2048x2048, 11 - 1024x1024, 4 - 512x512, 8 - 256x256, 1 - 200x200, 1 - 64x64.

Supported Development Platforms: Windows


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