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Important!! Before updating, delete the old version (Assets/Cogs & Goggles/Eadon RPG for Invector and Assets/Cogs & Goggles/Shaders)

Eadon RPG for Invector TPC is a roleplaying games add-on for Invector family of third person controllers, adding a sophisticated character management system based on all the classic tropes of roleplaying games.

In order to utilize Eadon RPG for Invector you MUST OWN a copy of Invector Melee or Invector Shooter

Discord - Forum - Website

Important: this version supports Invector Melee/Shooter v.2.6.1 or higher. If you need to use it with a previous version, please come to the support discord and request the patch

Important: when you import the package, you need to follow the instructions in the scene view!

Important: when you update the package, you need to delete the file called EadonData.cs in Cogs & Goggles/Eadon RPG for Invector/Scripts/Eadon/Rpg

It has the following features:

- Multiple stats (completely customisable)

- Multiple skills (completely customisable)

- Race and class system (completely customisable)

- Mana system for spells

- Stats and skills can affect max health, max stamina, max mana, damage and carried weight

- Stats and skills checks

- Resistance system with condition effects

- Race/class-based resistances

- Equipment bonuses/resistances

- Weight system, including limits and effects when over capacity

- Spell management and editor

- XP and levels

- Vendor system

- Clothing system

- Talent system

- Stash system

- Integration with kripto289 series of effects assets

Documentation can be found here: Cogs & Goggles website

Eadon RPG for Invector is used in the game Carth ( available on Steam )

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