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This fully functional elevator system is ready to use in your project. Just drag and drop and build it as you want! Create up to thirty floors in a dynamic and simple way.

This package contains:

- A builder module to generate multiple personalized elevators and their environments

- All the necessary prefabs to build everything with a single click

- 2 simple first person controller (one with Rigidbody, one with Character Controller) that walk, jump and interact with doors, switches and buttons.

Important note on pipelines:

This \"Old Elevator\" asset is fully supported in HDRP, URP and Built-in Render pipelines.

With the double purpose of considerably reducing the size of the package and simplifying the implementation process, the 3 mentioned versions are contained in separate assets, all available in the Unity Asset Store:

路 Built-in RP version

路 URP version (this one)

路 HDRP version

Everything in the videos can be achieved with this asset as it is, you won't need to install anything else.

Highly customizable!

Using both the \"Builder\" module and the stand-alone \"Brain\" module, you'll be able to choose and configure:

- How many floors you want to create

- The layout of the buttons on the pad

- The type of exterior doors

- The type of caller

- How much the elevator shakes

- How often the lights flicker

- How secure (or insecure) your elevator is going to be

- Whether you want dust particles in the elevator or not

- Whether you want to add hallways or not

- ... And many more options (throughously detailed in the documentation)

Once you build your elevator and its surroundings, you will have a 100% working interactable custom elevator, which will allow you to travel to every floor (without bouncing), open and close the doors, turn both elevator and hallways lights on and off, call the elevator ... and even to pull the emergency brake!


路 Demo scene in built-in RP

路 Demo scene in URP (this asset)

路 Demo scene in HDRP

ONLINE DOCUMENTATION for all 3 render pipelines

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