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Interactive Menu is a main menu that you can completely customize! It can be used for any of your projects

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This asset is easy to use and editable.

This Menu contains all the basic features you need in a Main Menu:

  • Home Center:Here you can add your news, patch notes and more and share them with your users.
  • Play Center: In this window you can present your different levels or game modes to the user.
  • Settings: A simple settings menu with everything you need. (even track your FPS)
  • Help: Here you can redirect users to your website, let them play a tutorial or send them directly to your support section.

(Before the user is redirected to a website or tutorial, he receives a message warning him that he is about to leave the Main Menu and will be redireted to an external website or a new level.)

It also contains:

  • 2 Maps (Character / Object)
  • 2 Materials
  • 1 Gamemode
  • 4 Unique Sound Effects, 1 Master and 1 Master Sound Mix Class
  • 6 Button textures (Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, White) + 3 example images
  • 1 Main Menu Widget, 3 Overlay Widgets and one PauseScreen Widget
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Technical Details


  • 1 Main Menu Widget
  • 3 Overlay Widgets
  • UE4 Standard Font
  • 1 Pause Menu
  • 3 Maps
  • 3 Sound Effects
  • 6 Textures and 3 Images

Number of Blueprints: 3 Blueprints

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: (Yes

Mac: (Not tested)

Additional Notes:

  • This Main Menu does not include any kind of save system.
  • For further hints and instructions read the attached PDF .

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