Mobile Ads (GDPR & iOS 14.5 Compliant)

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Key features:

- Integrate easily all supported advertisers simply by importing their SDK, no other settings are required. It is not mandatory to integrate all/any of the supported advertisers to work.

- Load ad from any ad platform using the same line of code.

- Customizable mediation policy by using either order mediation or percent based mediation.

- Read mediation config file from an external server of choice to allow the ad display order to be changed without uploading a new build to the store.

- Works for Android, iOS and Windows store.(Vungle SDK currently has some problems with Unity versions 2017.3 and above for Windows builds)

- Built in Remove Ads functionality.

- GDPR, COPPA, CCPA Compliant.

- iOS 14.5 App Tracking Transparency compatible.

Compatible with the following visual scripting tools:

- Bolt - (Integration Tutorial)

- Playmaker - (Integration Tutorial)

This asset is also included in Mobile Tools. A more complex pack that includes In App Purchase, Achievements and Leaderboards and Save solutions. All are integrated in a complete game, also included, so you will have a complete example of how to use each one.

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Contact us:

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Please include your invoice number in your first message.

For detailed instructions check the Documentation

Android Demo

A complete project with all advertisers SDK already integrated can be downloaded from GitHub

If you are interested in other assets made by GLEY visit our Asset Store Page

Currently supported advertisers:

- AdColony (Integration Tutorial)

- AdMob (Integration Tutorial)

- AppLovin (Integration Tutorial)

- ChartBoost (Integration Tutorial)

- Facebook Audience Network (Integration Tutorial)

- UnityAds (Integration Tutorial)

- Vungle (Integration Tutorial)

- MoPub (Integration Tutorial)

- IronSource (Integration Tutorial)

Supported ad types:



Video Reward

*native ads are not supported

GDPR Compliance:

Our plugin does not collect any personal information only selected advertisers collect personal information about users. If you are using ads inside your app, a privacy policy URL must be added inside your app and on Google Play Developer Console. Here is a list of how any advertiser deals with personal user data and what you have to do to be compliant with GDPR:

Unity Ads

- Versions 2.0 and above will automatically present users with an opportunity to opt-out of targeted advertising, with no implementation needed from the publisher. On a per-app basis, the first time a Unity ad appears, the user will see a banner with the option to opt-out of behaviorally targeted advertising. Thereafter, the user can click an information button to receive the opt-out again.

- No specific action needed.


- Vungle will display a consent dialog before playing an ad for a European user, and will remember the userโ€™s consent or rejection for subsequent ads.

- No specific action needed.

Admob, AdColony, AppLovin, MoPub, IronSource

- All require that implementation of getting user consent for receiving targeted ads to be made by publisher in his application and then to be sent to their SDK(Admob, AdColony, Heyzap).

- If the application user does not accept the compliance they will keep serving ads but it will not be targeted anymore.

- Getting consent from the user is needed to display ads in order to be compliant with GDPR.


- Chartboost requires that implementation of getting user consent for receiving targeted ads to be made by publisher in his application and then sent to Chartboost SDK.

- If the application user does not accept the compliance Chartboost SDK will not provide any ads.

- Getting consent from the user is needed to display ads in order to be compliant with GDPR.

Facebook Audience Network

- For Facebook no action is required, they deal with GDPR from Facebook app.

But keep in mind this:

-The user has to have logged into Facebook within the last 30 days on that particular device to be able to see live ads.

-The user has to have consented to targeted ads from within the Facebook apps in order to see live ads.

COPPA Compliance:

Your app needs to be COPPA compliant if is made for children under the age of 13. That means such an app is not allowed to to collect any data from its users.

Each advertiser we support has his own COPPA policy.

For Admob, AppLovin and Facebook Audience Network you have to check the box in our Settings Window.

For other advertisers you have to set COPPA compliance on their dashboard.

More details about COPPA can be found in our forum post.

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