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🌎 Online Demo ▶ Videos 📄 API Reference 💬 Forum 💌 Discord | Support

Includes various anti cheat tricks and techniques in one place, easy to use, with full sources, detailed docs and corner cases care.

📌 Common features

Protects variables in memory.

Protects and extends Player Prefs and binary files.

Generates build code signature for tampering checks.

Detects speedhacks.

Detects time cheating.

Detects 3 common wallhack types.

Detects foreign managed assemblies.

Has Obscured Prefs / Player Prefs editor.

📌 Obscured Types ▶ tutorial

Keeps your sensitive variables away from all memory scanners and searchers.

All basic and few Unity-specific types are covered.

Detects cheating attempts.

📌 Obscured Prefs & Obscured File

Protects Player Prefs and binary files from common cheating threats:

• identify and read sensitive data (encryption)

• tamper sensitive data (genuine check)

• share cheated files \\ saves with more cheaters (device or user ID lock)

Obscured Prefs highlights:

• automatic data migration

• automatic crypto keys management

• simple generic API and more data types comparing to vanilla Player Prefs

• Player Prefs and Obscured Prefs editor window

Obscured Prefs tutorial

Obscured File & Obscured File Prefs highlights:

• background threads-friendly (to avoid IO hiccups)

• simple and easy to use Player Prefs-alike API wrapper

Obscured File & Obscured File Prefs tutorial

📌 Code Hash Generator

Generates code hash signature to compare against current hash and make sure compiled code was not altered.

Provides hashes for both whole build and separate files in build (helpful for aab Android App Bundles).

Uses background threads to calculate hashes keeping CPU footprint low.

For Windows Standalone and Android only so far.

📌 Speed Hack Detector ▶ tutorial

Makes you aware of nasty cheaters trying to slow down or speed up your game.

Correctly reacts to the time glitches.

Allows to resist speed hacks with SpeedHackProofTime class.

📌 Time Cheating Detector

Uses Internet connection to get reliable time.

Reacts on both incorrect system time and actual cheating during or between sessions, allowing you to catch people who changes time to speedup long-term processes (like building process, energy restore, etc).

Works with weak internet connection.

📌 WallHack Detector ▶ tutorial

Covers 3 common types of wall hacks:

• shoot through the walls

• walk through the walls

• look through the walls

Uses generic sandbox approach allowing to detect unknown cheats.

📌 Injection Detector ▶ tutorial

Reacts on foreign managed assemblies both injected at runtime or into the build.

📌 Third-party plugins

• actions for Opsive's Behavior Designer

• actions for PlayMaker (except obscured types due to PM limitations)

• used in Lovatto Studio MFPS Anti-Cheat And Reporting addon

• used in Stan’s Android Native asset

Don't forget to complement your setup with good code Obfuscator !

📌 Overall highlights

Easy to start:

• detailed User Manual with examples and tips

• examples scene

• video tutorials

Easy to extend:

• full API Reference

• 🔥 full C# sources included!

Support and updates since 2013 💖

⭐ v1 and v2 customers: reasons behind switching to yearly upgrade pipeline

Skilled and motivated cheater is able to break any protection thus it's not guaranteed your game will be 100% safe from all cheaters if you'll use this toolkit. Though most cheaters are not that skilled thus massive \"casual\" cheating can be eliminated for good.

ACTk will save you a lot of development effort hours and bring handcrafted years of anti-cheat expertise and experience.

Serves as a powerful tool in a professional hand if you wish to go further and build own ACTk-based solution.

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