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Update 1

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Update notes

Update 1.2/1.01.2 (2022-12-18)

  • Tweaked all walk animations
  • Fixed Getup_Seq over rotated arm issue

Update 1.1/1.01.1 (2022-12-11)

  • Applied root motion data to all locomotion animations (walk, jog, run, brake, idle_to_jog)
  • Restructure directories

Update 1/1.01 (2021-10-23)

  • 35 new animations
  • 9 blendspaces
  • Added new function: spear stab by holding F then press LMB
  • Can dodge cancel while in spear throw stance (holding F then press spacebar)
  • Added idle to jog transition in the character blueprint
  • Added jump landing to jog transition (pressing any movement key while landing)

This package includes essential animations for a character with spear & shield combat style, with a playable character blueprint. Recommended for an action RPG game.

Animation list:

  • Idle [normal/shield/shield spear variations]
  • Idle [carrying variation]
  • Idle to jog [blendspace] [normal/shield/shield spear variations]
  • Turn-in-place
  • Walk (blendspace) [normal/shield/shield spear variations]
  • Walk (blendspace) [carrying variation]
  • Jog (blendspace) [normal/shield/shield spear variations]
  • Brake (blendspace) [normal/shield/shield spear variations]
  • Run
  • Jump
  • Fallings [3 variations]
  • Landings (root motion) [3 variations]
  • Landing to jog [root motion]
  • Plunge attacks [3 variations]
  • 20 Attacks (root motion)
  • Running shield attack [root motion]
  • 4 Shield throws
  • 2 Idle - spear throw transitions
  • Spear throw idle [blendspace]
  • Spear throw throws [blendspace]
  • Thrust (blendspace)
  • Spear stab [blendspace]
  • Roll (blendspace, root motion)
  • Dodge (blendspace, root motion)
  • Guard / Guard Hit / Guard Break
  • Hurt (blendspace, root motion)
  • Bound (root motion)
  • Get up (root motion)
  • Die (root motion)
  • 4 Executions (root motion)
  • 4 Equips/Unequips
  • Kneel (root motion)
  • Pick up (root motion) [2 variations]
  • Use potion [root motion] [2 variations]
  • 2 Powers/Abilities
  • 3 Taunts
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Technical Details


  • Hand-crafted spear & shield combat animations
  • Movement animations including walking, jogging, running, braking, dodging, rolling, jumping and etc.
  • Playable character blueprint with spear & shield combat based on UE Third Person template for animation demonstration purpose
  • Hitbox system for hurt/damage animations testing
  • Projectile throw system for weapon throwing animations testing
  • Debug Vector mode for directional animation blendspaces testing

Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes

IK bones are included: Yes

Number of Animations: 204

Animation types: Root Motion, In-place

Number of Characters: 1

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

MacOS: Yes

Custom Bones: 2 (weapon_r, shield_l)

Additional Notes:

  • Not all animations are being used in the character blueprint, but they can be manually added later.
  • This package is an animation pack, all blueprint system included are made to demonstrate how this pack should work.
  • Your character has to have weapon bones in order to make weapon animation play correctly on your character. See how to add weapon bones walkthrough in my discord channel .

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