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By purchasing this you get every package available in the EMI suite, including all future updates!

* Mirror (Free)
* Invector Base Template v2.6.1b-2.6.2c

* Invector Base Template
* Invector Melee Template
* Invector Shooter Template
* Invector Free-Climb Addon
* Invector Zipline Addon
* Invector Swimming Addon
* Invector Mobile Addon
* Invector Top-Down Addon

* Includes All Easy Multiplayer - Invector packages




Documentation Available Here:

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What Is This?
This contains all the components that you need to make invector multiplayer. This includes easy to use windows to quickly convert scenes, objects, or even your entire project to support multiplayer. Replaces invector components with the needed overridden and custom built components to smoothly send information to a server and have that transmitted to every client connected to it.

This does NOT support every single feature that invector does. Be sure to read the un-supported features below.

Pre converted invector example scenes included.

* Server Authoritative
* Client Side Prediction
* Server Reconcilation
* Decompilcation Protection
* Dedicated server or hosted mode supported
* Includes Pre-Converted Invector example scenes
* Huge documentation and youtube tutorial selections
* Free Cloudformation template for hosting on AWS built for you
* NO CCU Limit
 - You're only limited by the hardware you run your server on
* Pre-Built Network Manager (Completely Overriable)
* Invector Supported Features
 * Ragdoll Support
 * Saved states (Actions take prior to clients joining/after leaving persist)
  - Minus Ladders
 * Full Action Support
  - Position, Rotation, Scale, Looking
  - Rolling, Jumping, Climbing, Crouching, Falling
  - Generic actions
  - Ammo, Hit Effects, Etc.
 * Character Status Syncing
  - Health, Stamina, Dead
 * Complete Inventory Sync
  - Inventory Items, Equips, Drops, Unequips, Equips, etc.
 * Persistant breakables
 * Persistant chests (vItemCollections)
 * Melee AI Sync
  - All actions: Attacking, death, health, states, stances, etc.
 * Shooter Sync
   - Grenade throws, drops, explosions, damage, particle effects, etc. all synced
   - Weapon ammo syncronized
   - Weapon effects, animations, IK settings synced

UnSupported Features
Not everything provided by invector is going to be supported. If you want to be 100% sure if something is supported before purchasing ask in the #general chat on the discord server.

Future Updates
Purchasing this allows you access to ALL future updates and free upgrades to other packages related to this project.

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