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WAND AND CIRCLES:HYPEPOLY - Isometric Tiles Standart is a huge asset of 3D tiles, objects of environment, nature objects. This asset completed with Tiles Map Generator which will help you to generate map with this asset.

HYPEPOLY - Isometric Tiles Standart include:

-Tiles Map Generator

-Environment objects (Barrel, Bonfire, Box, Box v2, Wooden Bridge, Wooden Bridge v2, Wooden Bridge v3, Stone Bridge, Canopy, Different Pennants, Chest, Coin, Coin Detailed, Dungeon Entrance, Fence, Fence v2, Fence v3, Gem, Gem Detailed, Lamp Post, Magic Stone, Nameplate, Nameplate v2, Portal, Portal v2, Stones Ladder, Stones Ladder v2, Stones Ladder v3, Tower v1, Tower v2, Wooden Ladder)

-Demo scene

-Demo scene with generator

-4 different materials with different texture

-100 prefabs of tiles without filling

-100 prefabs of tiles with filling

-10 prefabs of bottom parts of tile

-10 prefabs of top parts of tile

-5 prefabs of decor parts of tile

-30 prefabs of big stones

-30 prefabs of small stones

-18 prefabs of trees

-12 prefabs of branchs

-3 prefabs of logs

-3 prefabs of stumps

-6 prefabs of stone ground tiles

-5 prefabs of modular roads

-21 prefabs of grass

-9 prefabs of bushes

*On screenshots and video we use a Unity Post Processing profiles, which doesn't include in asset, but you can do it by yourself in few minutes. And in presentations we use a FOG shader, which doesn't include to.

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