Niagara Sci Fi Starter VFX Pack

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This pack tries to make your life easier when you start your own Sci-Fi project, with all effects you need for the beginning of your development and prototyping.

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UPDATE: Add Easy Scale System to Particle Effects - just scale asset in Transform menu (sometimes need Turn On Local Emitter to apply forces correctly)

Type of VFX: Laser, Portal, Gates, EMP, Black hole, Hologram, Blood, Environment, Explosion, Impact, Smoke, Steam, Sparks, MuzzleFlash, Shoot, Tornado, Lightning, Dust, Electric.

The pack includes:

  • Number of Unique Effects: 80
  • Number of Materials: 97
  • Number of Textures: 81
  • Number of Blueprints: 1
  • Number of Unique Meshes: 14

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Technical Details

List of every effect:

  • Blood (4)
  • Environment (12) / Falling Dust, Fog, Electric Gates, Holograms, Primitives, Lightning Tornado, Lightning
  • Explosion (10) / Big, C4, Black hole, Electric, EMP, Grenade, , Rocket, Sand, Small
  • Laser (4)
  • Impact (12) / Blood, Default, Electric, Glass, Laser, Metal, Plastic, Wood, , Rock, Sand, Wood, Mesh
  • MuzzleFlash (4)
  • Portal (5)
  • Shield (6)
  • Shoot (3)
  • Smoke and Steam (10)
  • Sparks (10) / Embers

Number of Vertex Animation (VAT) Meshes: 5

Number of FlipBooks (Spriteheets): 33

Platforms Tested: PC

Documentation Included: No

Additional Notes:

For editing particle effects, you need to know the basics of Niagara System UE4.

Effects are made in Niagara!

Knowing issues in Niagara System:

Niagara Vector Field CPU access Error prevents its use in projects / Just use Curl Noise, not Vector Fields.

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