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What is BomberGuys? πŸ’£

BomberGuys is a complete multiplayer game, fully made in blueprints, and full of features and unique content for you to discover, explore, play with and use. πŸ˜„

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In short, BomberGuys is the ultimate Unreal Project we wished we had when we started out with Unreal Engine game development.

A game full of useful practical examples and solutions to questions you might have always had.

πŸš€ See a full-fledged game in action and discover what makes it work from A to Z.

πŸ” View the above preview images for an overview of all the content within this product πŸ”Ž

This product is an Action Packed Full Multiplayer Game. Intended for exploration, learning purposes.

Advance your Game Dev skills by exploring a wide variety of unique features and gameplay.

The Multiplayer Modular Blueprint Lobby Solution is an advanced lobby solution which saves you countless of hours of programming! Host and join games, modify lobby game settings, character customization, ready up system and much more! Perfect for any game πŸš€

Product includes:

  • Full game
  • Completely multiplayer replicated gameplay
  • All assets as seen in preview images
  • Character
  • Full User interface
  • 8 Pre-built gameplay levels
  • 1 Pre-built lobby level

And so much more.

πŸ” See the preview images for all included content in this product.

Game description

Eliminate other players and be the last one standing. Gameplay involves strategically placing bombs, destroying item blocks and picking up various power-ups.

Survive rounds in order to earn trophies πŸ†. First player to reach the required amount of trophies wins the game!

πŸ” See the preview images above for more information regarding the gameplay.

How this product might benefit you:

  • Great for learning purposes
  • Loads of practical examples
  • Covers important aspects of UE game development
  • Discover how separate systems become a complete game

πŸ‘Ύ Core game overview

Complete Main Menu setup

This game contains a full menu setup. The main menu offers easy access to the level editor, contains a skin preview menu, allows for editing the player’s profile, functions as a nice example of how to setup a 3D menu, contains access to a complete settings menu, and offers access to the play menu in which players can both host or join a lobby via the server browser.

Level Editor system (multiplayer compatible)

Create custom levels using the in-game level editor, save them to one of the three available save slots and host them in multiplayer afterwards.

The level editor is a fun in-game tool with which players can create completely custom layouts of levels, resulting in unique/original maps and gameplay scenarios.

The level editor allows players to freely pick and place any of the destructible and indestructible blocks in one of the 8 available level editor backdrops.

Available Level Editor levels:

Classic - Construction - Forest - Garden - Neon - Table - Speedy 1 - Speedy 2

Full Multiplayer Lobby setup

Players can either host or join a lobby. The lobby functions as a pre-game meetup place where players can socialize and interact with other players. It comes complete with a pre-built fun lobby map in which players can interact with interactable actors. (Jump on a trampoline or play some soccer)

The lobby also allows for:

Skin editing - Previewing match settings - Previewing connected players - Toggling ready status - Chatting πŸ’¬

Host functionality:

Edit match settings - Choose a level to play in - Manage (kick) players - Force start the match.

Full Multiplayer Gameplay setup

This product includes complete multiplayer gameplay logic. Gameplay involves strategically placing bombs, destroying destructible blocks and picking up various power up/downs. The player that reaches the required amount of trophies first is the winner of the match πŸ₯³.

Multiplayer gameplay includes:

Fully Replicated Gameplay Logic - Replicated characters - Replicated actors - Replicated User interface - Replicated Audio - Replicated VFX

Some gameplay features:

Multiple game mode presets - Topdown character - Grid based bomb spawning functionality - 4 directional blast functionality - Randomly generated levels - Play on player created levels - Power ups / downs - Spectating system - Player abilities - Death

πŸ” And much more, view preview images for more information

Match flow logic overview:

Connection handling - Match state handling - Handling match settings - Handling custom client data (Skins, player profiles) - Player spawning - Round progression system - Match flow - Scoring system - Handling draws - Determining a winner - Awarding scores - Leaderboard

πŸ” And much more, view preview images for more information


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Technical Details

βœ… Find a full feature list in the preview images above βœ…

πŸ•ΉοΈWatch the trailerπŸ’£


Number of Blueprints: 37

Network Replicated: Yes, the game is fully network replicated

Included levels: 30 levels total, including 8 pre-made gameplay levels and 1 lobby level

User interface:

Number of widgets: 41

Number of textures: 312

Supported resolution: 4k

Replicated: Yes

3D assets:

Number of meshes: 109

Number of materials: 12 (and 25 instances)

Number of textures: 16


Replicated: Yes

Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes

Number of animations: 8

Number of skins: 5

PhysicsAsset: Included

Triangles: 7382


Number of audio files: 41

πŸ” View the above preview images for an overview of all the content within this product πŸ”Ž

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