Curved World (2020)

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Curved World is a complete collection of the shader bending effects know as:

  • Exaggerated horizon curve
  • Horizon bending
  • Spherical world
  • Little planet
  • Cylindrical roll-off
  • Cylindrical tower
  • Spiral bending
  • Inception effect
  • Twisted corridor
  • and many others

Shader bending is a special and very effective vertex displacement technique for creating bending illusion of a mesh and entire scene without modifying actual and original meshes.

Effect is visible only inside camera and does not disturb game elements like: physics, animation, AI, path finding and other mesh transformations.

Subway Surfers, Minion Rush, Animal Crossing and many others use those techniques for creating world bending effects.

Package comes with ready to use shaders for mobiles and high-end devices.

If included shaders are not enough and need something unique, Curved World has the easiest shader integration system and it can work with almost any asset from this store.

Supporting Shader Graph and Amplify Shader Editor using just one node makes building custom shaders even more easier.

Shaders support all render pipelines.

Before purchasing try PC Demos and check documentation for better understanding of the Curved World and how it works.

Asset is already included in the Amazing Shaders Bundle .


Do not confuse shader bending with mesh manipulator or converter tool. Curved World is a pure vertex displacement shader and it does not convert mesh into a real 3D cylinder, tube, sphere, spiral or any other geometric figures.

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Support and bug report: ld

Supported Unity versions:

• Only the latest Unity 2019.4, 2020.3 and 2021.3 LTS versions are supported.

• Unity alpha and beta versions are never supported.

• Unity 'tech release' versions are not officially supported.

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