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Set of tiles and props that can be used to create platformer games.
The package includes:
• 256x256 pixels tileset in PNG format: Forest, Cave, Dungeon, Snow
• Animated main character: Idle, Run, Roll, Jump, Fall, Climb, three types of Attack, Bow, Spear, Die.
• 15 animated enemies:
Enemy Slime: Idle, Walk, Die.
Enemy Boar: Idle, Walk, Run, Attack, Die.
Enemy Bat: Hang, Fly, Attack, Die.
Enemy Bee: Idle, Fly, Attack, Die.
Enemy Spider: Idle, Run, Attack, Die.
Enemy Skeleton: Idle, Run, two types of Attack, Die.
Enemy Skeleton Archer: Idle, Run, Attack, Die.
Enemy Skeleton Mage: Idle, Run, two types of Attack, Teleport, Die.
Enemy Shield Skeleton: Idle, Run, three types of Attack, Die.
Enemy Spear Skeleton: Idle, Run, Attack, Die.
Enemy Skeleton Boss: Idle, Run, two types of Attack, Dash, Stun, Die.
Enemy Goblin Axe: Idle, Run, Attack, Die.
Enemy Goblin Halberd: Idle, Run, Attack, Die.
Enemy Goblin Spear: Idle, Run, Throw, Die.
Enemy Goblin Rider: Idle, Walk, Run, Attack, Die.
• 5 animated NPC:
3 NPC Common: Idle, Run, Jump, Fall.
NPC Blacksmith: Idle, Hit.
NPC Merchant: Idle, Run.
• 22 other animations:
Chest, Coin, Key, Pickup Effect Coin, Pickup Effect Key, Torch, Campfire, Campfire Pot, Candle, Firebowl, Fireplace, Furnace, Lever, Crossbow (shoot, break), two Impact Effects, Crate Break, Barrel Break, Spider Den Break, Chick (Idle, Walk, Peck), Chicken (Idle, Walk, Sit, Peck), Bird (Idle, Walk, Peck, Fly), Crow (Idle, Walk, Peck, Fly).
• 311 Multiple props:
Houses, trees, grass, bushes, stones, furniture and many more.
• 3 infinite five-layer parallax background:
Forest, Cave, Snow
• Simple UI:
PSD included
Font included
Using 9-sliced sprites.
Note: The mechanics and test scene in the video are NOT included. All mechanics shown in the demo were created using GameMaker Studio 2.
Animation Reel 1
Animation Reel 2
Demo 1
Demo 2

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