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Personal & Classical Music Covers Audio Pack VOL 01 is a very personal music collection of original sountracks covers, based on some of the best musical pieces in human history.
All the soundtracks are based on music composer´s scores downward mentioned, and sequenced, edited, produced, arrangedand recorded by Ibuprogames - Ibuproaudio - The Last Of Sounds.
The complete Pack includes 60 soundtrack files : 40 orchestral covers, 16 chiptunes covers and 4 \"Orchiptunes\" ( from 0:45 sec to 10 mins / track).
Personal & Classical Music Covers Audio Packs are the perfect audio resources (soundtracks in Vol 01 and sound effects, Loops, Leitmotivs and ambients in Volume 02) to use in your video games, trailer or some audiovisual product, packed with over 210 minutes (almost 4 h) of looping(and not looping) soundtracks , some sound effects, Leitmotivs, Loops (SFX) and ambients.
The soundtracks are composed in order to give the pack the ambient perfect for some of your scenes :
Interfaces, menus, ingames, bosses, casual games, serious games, plattform games, arcade games, logical & puzzle games,apocalyptic&horror scenes, black comedy scenes, mistery & suspense scenes, love-hapiness & friendly scenes, epic scenes, melancholic-dramatic & tragicomic scenes, chrono levels, relaxing scenes, action-scifi and fantasy scenes etc So you can cover a lot of soundtracks and ambients that your product needs, well for orchestral style or well for chiptunes (8bit) style.
The best real instruments and samples are used for this pack to get the perfect orchestral ambient for your project. And if you prefer Chiptunes style, you can choose some soundtrack for some level, menu, interface...
It´ll be uploaded every month.
It´s been chosen some of the best music masterpieces of the best composers, which deaths were for 70 years agoand their nacionality are appropriate in order to comply with the copyright term length (Life + 70 years). Soyou can publish perfectly all these original soundtracks covers in your audiovisual projects.
Audio Format:
Wav / Stereo / 48000 Hz / 32 – Bit Float.
Volume 1 :
Orchestral Covers
Chiptunes Covers
Orchestral & Chiptunes Mixed Covers
Tracks included:
Soundtrack Nu.\tMusic Composer (Score Creator) / Title
OSTCovOrchVol1\tVol I - 01 Orchestral - Realistic Covers Folder
01\t01\tAnonymous - A Dead Spanish Romance
02\t02\tAnonymous - Malaguena - Malaga The Beauty (SXIX) - Dark Sea Ambient & Guitars Cover
03\t03\tAnonymous - Malaguena - Malaga The Beauty (SXIX) - Spanish Guitars Cover
04\t04\tBach - Bouree Loop - Nylon Guitar
05\t05\tBach - Bouree Loop - Orchestral Quartet
06\t06\tBach - Bouree Loop - Piano & Nylon Guitar Duet
07\t07\tBach & Busoni - Toccata & Fugue D Minor BWV- Piano String Cover
08\t08\tBach Minuet F Major - Pianos + Tuba + Amb Cover – Fades
09\t09\tBach Minuet F Major - Pianos + Tuba + Amb Cover
10\t10\tBartok - Dance Suite (III Allegro Vivace) - Orchestral Cover
11\t11\tBartok - Mikrokosmos Roumanian Dance - Piano Cover
12\t12\tBartok - Mikrokosmos Roumanian Dance - Piano Toy Cover
13\t13\tBeethoven - Sonatina G Major - Pianos & Bells Cover
14\t14\tBerlioz - Symphonie Fantastique - Piano + FLute + Bassoon + Brass Cover
15\t15\tBizet -The Pearl Fishers - Piano Solo
16\t16\tBizet -The Pearl Fishers - Pianos & Flutes Cover
17\t17\tChopin-Nocturne op33 n2- Piano
18\t18\tDebussy - Clair de Lune - Piano + Ambient
19\t19\tDebussy - Clair de Lune - Piano + Violin
20\t20\tDebussy - Clair de Lune – Piano
21\t21\tFaure Gabriel - Sicilienne Op. 78 - Piano Cover
22\t22\tFlorian Hermann & Evgeny Grebenka- Dark Eyes - Digeridoo & Duduk & Ukulele - Homeless Rats Band
23\t23\tFlorian Hermann - Dark Eyes (Russian Folk Song) - Spanish & Bouzouki & Metal Guitars Cover
24\t24\tGranados - Villanesca - Pianos Cover
25\t25\tIsaac Albeniz - Granada - Nylon & Metal Guitars Cover
26\t26\tIsaac Albeniz - Granada - Nylon Guitars Intensity Cover
27\t27\tJules Massenet - Meditation (Thai Opera) – Piano
28\t28\tJules Massenet - Meditation (Thai Opera) - Viola Piano Cello Cover
29\t29\tMarcello Alessandro - Concerto in D minor (SF935 Mvmt2) - Piano & Guitars & Oboe Covers
30\t30\tOwn Composition - Delirium Sonata - Pinot for Satanus – Piano
31\t31\tPuccini - Nessun Dorma - Jazz Jam Session Cover - Brasses & Percussion & Piano
32\t32\tPuccini - Nessun Dorma from Turandot - Piano + Tenor Monk Voices
33\t33\tRachmaninoff - Symphony 2 Mov 1 Part I
34\t34\tSatie - Gymnopedie - Flute Piano Cello Cover
35\t35\tSatie - Gymnopedie - Piano Solo
36\t36\tSatie - Gymnopedie Sax Cover
37\t37\tSatie - Le Piccadilly - Piano Cover
38\t38\tToryanse Loop - Traditional Japan Song - Piano + Amb
39\t39\tToryanse Loop - Traditional Japan Song - Piano Solo
40\t40\tWeber - Grand Duo Concertant Eb - 1st mov PartI (-C243) Orchestral
Soundtrack Nu.\tMusic Composer / Title
OSTCovChipVol1\tVol I - 02 Chiptunes Covers Folder
01\t41\tBach & Busoni - Toccata & Fugue D Minor BWV- Chiptunes & Ambient Part I
02\t42\tBartok - Dance Suite (III Allegro Vivace) Chiptunes
03\t43\tBerlioz - Symphonie Fantastique - Chiptunes Cover
04\t44\tBizet -The Pearl Fishers - Chiptunes Cover
05\t45\tChopin - Mazurkas Op.7-1 - Chiptunes Boss Cover
06\t46\tChopin - Mazurkas Op.7-1 - Chiptunes Ingame Cover
07\t47\tFaure Gabriel - Sicilienne Op. 78 - ChipTunes Cover
08\t48\tFlorian Hermann - Dark Eyes (Russian Folk Song) - Chiptunes Cover
09\t49\tGranados - Villanesca - Keyboard Piano + Chiptunes Cover
10\t50\tIsaac Albeniz - Granada Infection - Chiptunes Cover
11\t51\tJules Massenet - Meditation (Thai Opera) - Chiptunes Cover
12\t52\tMalaguena - Malaga The Beauty (SXIX) - Chiptunes Cover
13\t53\tMarcello Alessandro - Concerto in D minor (SF935 Mvmt2) - Chiptunes Cover
14\t54\tPuccini - Nessun Dorma - Chiptunes Cover
15\t55\tSatie - Gymnopedie - Chiptunes Cover
15\t56\tWeber - Grand Duo Concertant Eb - 1st mov PartI (115) Chiptunes
Soundtrack Nu.\tMusic Composer / Title
OSTCovOrchipVol1 Vol I - 03 Orchiptunes Covers (Orchestral & Chiptunes Covers)
01\t57\tChopin-Nocturne op33 n2-OrchipTunes
02\t58\tOwn Composition - Delirium Sonata - Pinot for Satanus – OrchipTunes
03\t59\tSatie - Le Piccadilly – Orchiptunes
04\t60\tToryanse Loop - Traditional Japan Song - OrchipTunes
First update:
- 01 Winter Wonderland I - Soft & Cold Winter Style from the coming soon pack Christmas & Winter Songs For Videogames.
- 04 O Come, All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles) - Guitar & Gregorian from the coming soon pack Christmas & Winter Songs For Videogames.
- Borodin Petit Suite 1885 - Nocturne from Nocturnes & Noctunes Audio Music Pack Package.
- Chopin - Nocturne Op.91 from Nocturnes & Noctunes Audio Music Pack Package.
- Package updated to Unity 2018.
- New Images for the Asset Store.
Enjoy it and thanks !!!

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