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Modular Miniature Golf - sport pack = LINK
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A pack contains High Quality Bowling, Pool and Darts Assets that could be used in a Sports game in First or Third person, in a VR Games or simply as a background props.

This Pack contains Three different Sports Assets:

For Bowling contains Balls, Bowling Bar, Chairs in two type, Computer, Bowling line, Bowling line poster, Return Machine, Skittle with old and new texture, Skittle Machine and TV for points.

For Pool contains Balls, Chalk, Pool light, Sticks in three type, Stick holder, Pool table in three type and Triangle.

For Darts contains Darts, Darts center box, Center in two type each with old and new texture and Darts Holder.

It also contains 7 Blueprints presetted assets as bowling line complete, Skittles machine with bar, Skittle in triangle, Darts holder with darts, Pools Ball in triangle, Pool light with light and Pool stick holder with sticks and balls.

All the assets come in three different texture resolutions except Balls, both in a single material, switchable via Material Quality under Settings--> Material Quality Level, so that one can switch from one to the other whenever he needs it : low 1024, medium 2048, high 4096.

Texture map are Diffuse, Lightmask and Normal. Some Material use mask and Emissive textures.

You can change the color of bowling balls, Pool balls, pool table rug, darts and walls. To do this you have to create an instance of the basic material and then change the parameter.

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Technical Details

Physically-Based Rendering: Yes

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Texture Size: from 1024 to 4096 depending on the asset

Collision: Yes, Pool Tables, Bowling Line and Return Machine use Complex collision as simple

Vertex Count: From 24 to 4143

LODs: Generated by Unreal Engine

Blueprints: 7 presetted assets

Number of Meshes: 29

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 55 (31 Materials and 24 Istance )

Number of Textures: Total 281. Three for most model (256 among diffuse, lightmask and normal and 25 Mask )

Supported Development Platforms: Pc, Desktop, Xbox one, PS4, VR

Platforms Tested: PC (Windows)

Documentation: No

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