Arctic Aurora Landscape

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This arctic mountain environment has a highly realistic landscape featuring several types of Aurora Borealis level. Landscape terrain using detailed shaders and a variety of assets covering the mountain. Ranging from high level trees both snowed in and dead branches to small sapling trees with clusters of snow chunks and deposits of snow. A variety of mountain ranges are scattered across to add depth and life to the scene. A background layer of mountain allows the viewer to feel the distance and overall scale of the time. On top of that realistic particles featuring rolling snow clouds over the mountain peaks and shooting stars, you can really the authenticity of the scene.

Note: The scenes use physically accurate lighting values which is why the sun intensity makes it so overblown. You need use or add a cinecamera and tweak the ISO and shutter speed values. You also need to ensure you have enabled ue4 extend default luminance range in the project settings.

Technical Details


  • 3 levels with unique Aurora Borealis atmospheres.
  • 4x4km playable landscape
  • 5 Layer heightmap blended materials all featuring POM (Parallax Occlusion Mapping)
  • Landscape Generated Flowmap & Albedo/Normal based on Distance Fade
  • Distance Fade function to reduce tiling over distance
  • Global & Per Material normal intensity
  • Simulated Panning Clouds
  • Unique Aurora Borealis material and meshes.
  • 11 Uniquely Generated Trees ranging from full grown, dead and sapling.
  • 4 distance mountain ranges to scatter for extra depth

Number of Unique Meshes:33

LODs: Yes (Auto Generated where appropriate)

Collision: Custom Collision of appropriate meshes

Number of Materials: 18

Material Instances: 43

Number of Textures: 61

Texture Resolutions: Between 512 - 4096

Supported Development Platforms: PC/PS4/Xbox One

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC/PS4/Xbox One

Documentation: None

Important/Additional Notes: Please contact me at if you have any issues.

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