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Unfortunately, there has come up an issue with the update on 5.1, not being able to be installed, and all other versions haven't been updated by Epic Games correctly. We have re-submitted all file changes and hope for a fast resolution.

This plugin is still in development and gets extended with each update, therefore the price will change as much more functions get added to the plugin.

Sorry for not updating for quite a while. We have decided to make some changes to the existing code and add a lot more new functions to the system. The next update is set for the End of December and will bring also completely new documentation for BP & C++.

We thank you for all your support and patience through the development.



Variable Access Library will improve your blueprinting workflow by allowing you to create a widely modular coding structure, reducing your code to a minimum, and making it look cleaner and more organized.

All hard reference calls via "Cast To" can be replaced with this library using soft references which result in a way more performant code and lower RAM usage. Level load times will be way shorter than with hard references.

With an evergrowing library of functions, you can GET/SET variables of the supported types of any object simply by name (soft reference), but also Get All Variable Names of a Target, Execute Functions by name, and much more.

To help to debug, the plugin allows you to print error messages to the log and/or screen (which can be toggled in the project settings), with all the needed information so you can find missing references faster.

All functions are widely accessible (in C++ and blueprint)and support also replicated variables and RPC events.


V 1.7.1 UE5.1 Update (current version, released Dec 06th, 2022):

  • Fix UE5 float support (UE5 floats are now double, so they needed an update to function again)
  • Add Gameplay Tag & Gameplay Tag Container Support
  • Prepare Next Big Update
  • Clean up Impure C++ script, to inherit all functions from Getters C++ File
  • Update API to remove compile Warnings


V 1.8 WORKFLOW UPDATE (End December 2022) :

  • Get Variable Type by prefix (add a prefix like f. or b. to get the specific variable type)
  • added UMG Variable Types Support (Widget Elements, Textures)
  • Improve Array & Map Support (add new functions)
  • Get All Variables Name of Type
  • Extended Macro Library
  • Add Double Support (important for UE5 Floats)
  • Complete Documentation and Sample Videos
  • Find Material/Static Mesh by Name in Content Browser
  • Add Data Asset Support


V 1.7 GET FUNCTION UPDATE (current version, released Feb 12th, 2022):

-Get Defined Object, Actor & Widget by Name (this allows you to get a variable value of custom classes with a class reference)

-Get All Functions by Target

-Exec Function by name

V 1.6 GET VAR NAMES UPDATE (released Jan 18th, 2022):


-remove unused function library class

-Get All Variable Names

-Easy Transform Functions

  • Set Location of Transform
  • Set Rotation of Transform
  • Set Scale of Transform

-added DataTable Support

V 1.5 MAP VARIABLE SUPPORT UPDATE (released October 10th, 2021):

-added Wildcard Map Support

-added Impure Getter Function

-reorganize code by adding 4 classes (Getters, Setters, General, Impure) for cleaner code structure and easier additions

V 1.4 WILDCARD ARRAY UPDATE (released September 20th, 2021):

- added Get & Set Wildcard Array Support for all common variable types (structs are excluded and require their own function)

-> Remove & Add may not be required and can be accessed with the get function that's why I skipped them. let me know if they are required

- Support 4.27

V 1.3 EASIER DEBUG UPDATE ( released July 10th, 2021):

-added Plugin Settings in Project Settings>Plugins>VariableAccess

  • added 2 bools to enable/disable Print to Log or Print to Screen for all functions

-added PrintLog/PrintScreen functions for easier debugging (displaying the Actor the function is triggered from and/or the name of the variable which couldn't be found)

V 1.2 EVEN MORE VARIABLE SUPPORT UPDATE (released May 28th, 2021):

-10 new functions supporting new variable types:

  • Int64
  • Objects
  • Vector 2d
  • IntPoint
  • IntVector

-Updating API to new API for 4.25+ (will remove warnings if compiled by source)

V 1.1 MORE VARIABLE SUPPORT UPDATE (Released May 13th, 2021):

12 new functions supporting new variable types:

  • Name
  • Text
  • String
  • Rotator
  • Transform
  • LinearColor
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Technical Details


  • V1.6: Support DataTables, Get All Variable Names
  • V1.5: Support Maps, Impure Functions
  • V1.4: Support Arrays, 4.27 Support
  • V1.3: Debug Settings for easier debugging
  • V1.2: Support Int64, Vector2d, IntVector, IntPoint, Object
  • V1.1: Support Transform, Rotator, LinearColor, Name, Text, String
  • V1.0: Support Bool, Byte, Float, Int, Vector
  • Access Variables of any actor, anywhere, by its name
  • Check if desired variables exist (bool return result)
  • Set/Get Functions of all the above supported variable types
  • Scale Vector Function
  • Math Functions for Float & Int

Code Modules:

  • VariableAccessLib (Runtime)

Number of Blueprint Nodes: 40+

Number of C++ Classes: 6

Network Replicated: Functions are not replicated but can be called on the Server or Client for replicated variables.

Supported Target Build Platforms: Any


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