Ancient Temple Ruins Mountains Environment

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πŸ“· Watch Walkthrough (before updates)

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-new night lighting scenario

-few additional assets like candles and fireflies

Mountains Ancient Temple based on photogrammetry content could give you a realistic, believable world. But you can always crank it up to a more fantasy style with a proper lighting setup. This example you can find on our demo map. Immersive and atmospheric level and dungeons environment are what brings fantasy games to the next level. The map is huge and contains a few different samples join in one long walkthrough. It's the biggest map we did. We hope it will be useful for you.

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  1. different lighting scenario for demo scene or
  2. more blueprints prefabs included different building structures or
  3. additional new rocks models.

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Main meshes:

  • ancient temple with many elements
  • rocks
  • trunks, debris, roots, logs
  • foliage (trees, bushes, small vegetation)
  • stairs, floors
  • bridges
  • wood planks
  • ground stones, cobbles
  • and many more


  • waterfall
  • river
  • wind + leaves
  • fallen debris
  • fire guide on spline
  • fireplace, torchlight
  • mist, fogs, god rays
  • bats
  • leaves
  • swamp water
  • spiderwebs


  • ambient for day
  • birds
  • fireplace, fire torch
  • wind
  • waterdrops
  • bats

All foliage, sounds, and effects on the walkthrough are included. Waterfall, river, fireplaces, and clothes are just a few of many effects with could empower your scenes.

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Technical Details

Be aware that Unreal 5 now has Lumen enabled by default. We still support a more game-ready pipeline, and you should disable this feature in your project settings to get results like our screenshots. We plan to start using Lumen and Nanite once it is working properly. Maybe with version 5.1.


  • game ready and optimized (around 70-90 FPS on full HD and 1070 graphic card)
  • photogrammetry High-quality assets - statues, rocks, debris
  • detail and atmospheric scene with effects of waterfall, river.

Number of Unique Meshes: ~230+80 variations

Collision: Yes - mostly custom and some simple box just generated

Vertex Count: Most of 400-10 000 tris

LODs: Yes - mostly generated

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 313

Materials have just a few base materials to control the whole map in one place. It will be useful to merge materials with your one project if needed. To save memory, we used roughness from albedo and used that extra memory space to better resolution of other textures.

Number of Textures: 411

Texture Resolutions:

  • 4096 for larger objects
  • 2048-4096 most objects
  • 512-1024 small props
  • Terrain: 4096x4096

Supported Development Platforms: Desktop, VR

Windows: (Yes)

Nanite/Lumen for UE5: [Not yet]

Documentation: link

Important/Additional Notes:

For Sky-textures we used great CC0 free textures from PolyHaven: link

If you need any help or additional information please write to us at

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