C.V.P Eucalyptus Forest

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1. Artistic Features:

- 2 Demo scenes (Cinematic and Prefabs Viewer).

- 165+ ready to use prefabs with LODs.

- Trees, bushes and plants.

- 8 Rocks and Cliffs PBR materials.

- 6 Rock models.

- 2 Cliff models.

- 40 PBR Ground seamless textures.

- 8 Terrain Layers ready to use.

- particle systems Falling leaf, flies, fireflies and mist.

- Water material presets (including lakes and puddles).

- 4k skyboxes and cube maps.

- SFX footsteps and ambient sounds.

2. Æ Core (Shared Assets and Tools):

Introducing AE Core, this is a shared folder that will be integrated with upcoming C.V.P assets, that contains tools like Æ Game Objects Simplifiers, 3D models, textures, SFV, VFX and more.

3. DEC Shaders:

A powerful set of shaders built using module construction with Amplify Shader Editor (ASE) function nodes.

Shaders Included:

- Cutout Wind Translucency

- Billboard Wind

- Surface Wind Detail

- Surface Height Detail Tessellation

- Surface Detail

- Triplanar Spherical

- Grunge Mask

- Water Lake

- Rain Versions

DE Global Controller:

This is a powerful script that's connect unity built in wind zone and DEC Shaders for control global properties like wind intensity, rain, etc.

Supported Render Pipelines:

Standard Render Pipeline (Standard):

● Unity 2019.4 or higher

Scriptable Render Pipelines (URP/HDRP):

● 7x [api 07.5.3 or higher]

● 8x [api 08.2.0 or higher]

● 10x [api 10.4.0 or higher]

● 11x [api 11.0.0 or higher]

4. Additional support and extra files:

- Post-processing stack profiles

(sunny, cloudy, sunset, foggy, cave, terror, creepy, night vision and more).

- Standard, URP and HDRP unity support packages

(super easy steps to upgrade into any render pipeline).

- HD real photoset references

(A nice library of photo references for study).

- Easy and clear documentation.

5. Compatible with:

- DE Environment

- Nature Renderer (Personal) & Nature Renderer (Studio)

- Vegetation Studio & Vegetation Studio Pro

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