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Preview: /watch?v=RrjYVRXM_u4


The new modules allow for the following new effects ([*] = GPU particles supported):

★ Custom logic module [*]: create a blueprint or C++ class which gets called for each spawned particle. Allows you to define position, velocity or color of each particle programmatically using in-game data.

★ Spawn particles on static mesh surfaces [*]

★ Spawn particles on procedural mesh surfaces (blueprint and C++ supported) [*]

★ Galaxy creation [*]

★ Swarm movement

★ Simple particle turbulence (using curl noise)

★ Texture heightmaps [*]

★ Texture colormaps (with alpha support)

★ Force points

★ New "donut" shape [*]

★ Jiggle particles around

★ Size by speed over time

New in 4.15!

★ Translucency Sort Order

★ Particle Decals

New in 4.16!

★ New Particle Decal options

New in 4.17!

★ Dynamic force points (allows you to change the particle module data via blueprint or C++)

New in 4.18!

★ Dynamic swarm steering target points

Additionally, all modules support time settings for start delay, max duration and looping.

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Technical Details

This plugin works with C++ projects as well as blueprint-only projects.


Example Project (4.18):

Of course, all modules work in the editor as well as a shipping build.

Platforms Tested: Windows


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