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The Spline Based Wall Kit uses the power of UE4's Spline mesh tool to easily create a detailed layout of walls. The kit is extremely versatile and organic allowing you to populate large areas of your environment efficiently. The meshes are designed to create a variety of cover and access points across open landscapes and to connect between urban structures.
- After placing the spline, you can randomize up to 4 middle variation meshes (1 standard wall and 3 damaged).
- Select from four different start/end meshes to cap your walls.
- All meshes can be swapped out for the user's own custom meshes.
- There are 2 unique wall kits: a stone wall and an Adobe Mud wall. Also included is a snow version of the stone wall kit.
- Two rock meshes are also included for rubble complete with moss/snow overlay to match the walls.
- The demo scene includes terrains and textures as seen in the screenshots and video.
- The materials are extremely versatile in color, tone, normal strength and detail normal, with an overlay system for moss or snow etc, using Up vector and height map information.

Technical Details

Props scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Texture Size: 6 x 4096, 5 x 2048, 3 x 8192x2048, 1 x 1024, 8 x 512
Collision: Yes, Custom
Vertex Count: Adobe Mud wall meshes 227 to 814, Stone Wall meshes 386 to 2076, rocks 208 and 226.
LODs: 3 for each mesh
Number of Meshes: 24
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 5 master materials, 13 instances.
Number of Textures: 18
Engine Compatibility: 4.9.2
Intended Platform: Desktop, Console.
Platforms Tested: Desktop
Documentation Included: No

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