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You can use this plugin to create menus (Main menu, inventory system ect.) in HTML (javascript, css, Jquery ect.). Menus in HTML offer much more possibilities than in UMG. There is an incredible amount of HTML documentations, examples and support on the internet. For example, you want to create a stylish button? You can simply create a button on this website and you have an individual button for your game. Required Javascript library can be found in the documentation or in the plugin directory. Engine\Plugins\Marketplace\HTMLMenuMain\HTMLMenu_basic

No special deals. Buy the plugin if you need it. My prices are low all year round.

Test third-party websites with the integrated UE4 browser before purchase.

Android and IOS support since UE 4.21 and Plugin Version 1.5. WebGL since UE 4.24.

Version 1.5 tested on: Windows 10, Android 7.1.2 . IOS 12.1.2, macOS Mojave 10.14.2

Limitations: IME (Input Method Editor for Asian characters) does not work. Hard disk access via Javascript/html is not possible. Camera/microphone access is not possible. Web browser widget is always in the foreground on Android/IOS. A bug in the engine causes a black image in a 3D widget on Mobile in certain UE4 versions. Nativization may cause problems and should be disabled in BPs that use this plugin.

Documentation, free Windows Demo, example Project with functional Menu and Inventory System

Video of the demo.

Installations video

Changelog(4.22, 4.23, 4.24)

  • (04/07/2020) Version 1.11: Added an PDF viewer

Changelog(4.24, 4.25, 4.26)

  • (07/30/2021): There is now a PDF viewer for Android and IOS. See documentation.
  • (08/05/2021) Version 1.12: New function "getSytemType". This function returns the OS (Windows, Android ).

Changelog(4.25, 4.26, 4.27)

  • (10/19/2021) Version 1.14: Added a few Base64 functions

Changelog(4.26, 4.27, 5.0)

  • (07/12/2022) Version 1.15: It is now possible to open a window with the browser development tools to debug javascript ect. It is also possible to open new windows using Javascript.
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Technical Details

Epic only allows updates for the newest three engine versions. There might be features missing in older engine versions. Contact me if you are unsure.

This plugin uses UE4's internal browser and extends it with essential functions.

  • Read offline files. (Online pages can also be loaded. But please only your own or try the Windows HTML test demo.)
  • Merge HTML, Javascript, CSS, and images into one HTML file. This file also works within .pak files.
  • Javascript functions trigger Blueprint's events (Unlimited number of parameters).
  • Javascript library with many useful functions (Gamepad,Debug).
  • Some C++ functions can be executed directly with Javascript (Console commands, graphic settings (resolution, AA, shadow, resolution scale), change level or join server. Tell me what else you need)
  • Browser runs up to 60fps (UE4 Browser default is 24).
  • PDF Viewer
  • Designed for clean Javascript and Blueprint code.
  • Sample projects are available for free. (Graphics Menu, Diablo like RPG Inventory example).
  • 3D Widget Video
  • Documentation
  • Support: (ENG,GER)

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