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Playable Demo - New Action RPG Demo HERE - Updated 1/09/2022

UE4 Side Documentation

Database Manager Documentation

RPG Engine Toolkit V4 Video Series <= Please look through this to see how the system operates.

Facebook Page for Updates and Implementation Help and Quick Responses HERE

Comes with the Auto Terrain Cover Toolkit contains V4 of the Auto Terrain Cover not yet released.

This is a tool I have been working on since 2014, every thing I've learned about UE4, System Design, and Reverse engineering ideas from beloved RPGs are all concentrated with in this product. I am not an artist but I am a Engineering Lead for a few years at a job where my main position is redesigning systems. I've converted and redesigned systems from flash to Unreal Engine and Unity. There are a ton of things I've learned over the years about making modular systems. I've taken that knowledge to help me improve this system over the years.

NOTE: 5.1 update might not happen until after Christmas. On top of the normal engine crashes associated with a new release I want to fix a few things as well as support root motion and RM with AI, and support a better control scheme and input feedback.

5.0 Changes:

In the latest release I have taken about 60-70% of the blueprint code and move it to C++. This was done to keep things cleaner, efficient and easier to maintain. All Combat is handled in C++. Action Battle's Input Buffer, combo action mapping as well as the AI's Combo Building and enemy tracking is in C++.

  • Crafting is now implemented.
  • Paragon Characters and Animation have been implemented as an example of how to take existing assets to implement a combo system. That being said they do feel a little rough to use so I have added my main character from my game to the demo that has a more implemented move set to get an idea of what can be done with more assets.
  • New Animation notifications created for spawning projectiles, summons, and spell effects that can adapt the damage from the caster to apply damage based on damage settings.
  • Updated the Damage Hit boxes to have copy-able datasets to paste and modify across anim notify datasets.
  • Action Battle System and Class Data object updated with battle settings and combo learn list. Please see documentation for more information.
  • RPG Sky Updated with better performance includes idle camera system for idle glamor shots camera cycling. Added a better day night transition with updated data curves to control day night colors, fog intensity, light intensity and cloud transparency of the Volumetric Cloud system.
  • Master Materials added to the toolkit contents for easier implementation of the built in systems for the character customization page. Also contains a few material support for Character Creator 3's Material Layout. I use this to take the textures and bring them over to my system for character customization settings.
  • Skin master material can now desaturate skin textures and apply skin color over top of this base texture import. Keeping tattoo details and baked shadow details.
  • Clothing material now takes mask for MainColor and AccentColor for the character customization screen or the NPC Generator tool.
  • Test map is now fully implemented with Point of Interest objects, Stores, Resource Points, Field enemy spawners, City Stores and areas to test swimming, hover boards, and other features.
  • Updated interface with more features for item pickup notification, map area changes. Pause menu contains item display page, equipment page, skill equipping page and quick save implemented.
  • All stores have a crafting page that lets you craft item per store type if you have a crafting book to unlock them.
  • Updated the sneaking system and added bushes that block enemy detection.
  • You can now swim in the water plugin rivers and oceans created by epic using the swim component added to the action battle hero blueprint. (System needs some polish work)
  • Battles can happen in the world or in a level streamed battle area based on the Zone area definition volume. The new volume also defines the ambient SFX, zone music, battle warning and battle music used when with in the area.
  • Required Maps are now added to the Toolkit folder. Title Screen base, Game Over, Test Battle Arena are all housed in the toolkit content folder.
  • System now contain a enum macro for playing general system sounds, EX: Equip, Save, Select, Accept, Sell, and other standard RPG sounds. This makes it easier to remap games sound theme without looking for missed sound replacement. These sound cues can be found in the RPGEngine Content folder.
  • Material Fonts have been added with gradient presets to make text appear more stylized.
  • Auto Terrain Material has been updated to be used in conjunction with World Creator 2's splatmap exports. The main terrain material is a 3 material slope based auto cover. The layers there after over lap the auto material and can be manually painted or imported with a alpha mask from a third party terrain application.
  • Grass Types are used per layer type. Grass type can be filtered by layer type. As you paint the mask are used to auto update the grass type coverage. Snow, sand, and other lays can filter grass type layers if enabled in the material instance.
  • System contains Parameter collections for night lights to dynamically turn on and off as the day night cycle laps.
  • Global Emissive material function added to help with a global stylized emissive. Helps with night scenes and to not have absolute darkness. Can also help keep consistency across assets.
  • Updated the Cutscene actor to include imposter loading of the actors weapons and character customization data. Cutscene Actors can be used in Sequencer to act as a dynamically changing imposter that can load the targeted actors current gear and character customization keeping them consistent through a in game Cutscene.
  • Character Viewer UI Widget updated to actually work and allows an easy way to display the character in the UMG widget fully lit with a 3 point light setup with proper character render pass mask and zoom and rotation controls to render them where ever you want them in the UMG interface.
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Technical Details

RPG Database Manager: C# Application

The database manager is used to create Items, Weapon, Armor, Actor definitions. You can also define classes with customizable stat progression. Extended sections of the manager includes defining monster groups, Map listing, as well as defining default settings and initial party makeup.

Event flows can also be created and branched for decision making. The modular building allows you to create a building layout in layers and generate them in editor.

The RPG Engine Toolkit:

Houses the RPG Data Manage the main interface to the database. With this are smart objects for world creation, AI Mob, NPC AI, PC Hero, Character Generator / Randomizer with modular actor data, Battle and Roaming AI, Battle Logic, NPC Crowd Spawner,Monster spawner, Zones Triggers,Treasure Chest,Cut Scene Actors,Hover Board, and Spell Example, NPC Point of interest and many more.

Platforms Tested: Windows

Updates: Please work on a separate copy of the plugin as updates to the engine can overwrite your engine changes. So please copy the plugin to your local project to keep your engine edits.

As always if you are stuck hit me up on my facebook page or via email. Comments on the store do not notify me (They sometimes do now). I'm always online so let me know. Happy developing!

Support and updates:

As I find better and innovative ways to improve the system I will release more updates to this system.

The system is near complete with all the features I've wanted to include as an example. The last few things will be added and implemented as I enter in the final phase of my tech demo for my own game.

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