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The build and inventory system is fully dynamic to be very easy to add new items.


• Build and demolish

• Inventory System

• Craft System

• Pick up, Drop, Use, Split, Stack, Move, Take All, Equip

• Dynamic Storage System

• Dynamic Bag System

• Dynamic System to generate items

ITEMS(35 + 9 in Tutorials):


• Leather

• Metal

• Metal Ingot

• Pine Plank

• Stone

• Wood


• Blue berry

• Red berry

• Blue Tea

• Red Tea

• Raw Meat

• Cooked Meat

• Canteen Empty

• Canteen Full


• Camp Fire

• Cooking Pot

• Forge

• Woodworking

• Small Storage Box

• Medium Storage Box

• Large Storage Box

• Rain Catcher

• Wooden Door

• Wooden Wall

• Wooden Foundation


• Blue Bag

• Green Bag

• Red Bag


• Green Stick

• Red Stick

• Yellow Stick


• Leather Hat

• Leather Pants

• Leather Shirt

• Leather Shoes

In Tutorials:

• Flint

• Carrot

• Carrot Seed

• Crop Plot

• Hatchet

• Vault

• Stone Foundation

• Yellow bag

• Yellow Shirt

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Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: 85

Number of Widgets: 29

Input Mappings: Mouse, Keyboard, Touch

Network Replicated: No

Documentation: Yes here

Videos tutorials on how to add new items (read the documentation first): here

Intended Platform: Windows, Android, IOS

Platforms tested: Windows, Android

Support email:

Important/Additional Notes: All meshes and materials are simplified to illustrate.

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