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If you've found some foliage(trees/rocks) that don't work well on slopes - this package is for you.

In particular, an ugly open edge on the base of a tree/rock sticking out, and either having to sink all items into the ground, or carefully just the ones on the slope

This addon is designed to fix exactly that issue.

The lowest group of verticies are compared to the ground and moved down to ensure they are fully hidden


  1. Run the widget (content/FloatingFoliageFixer/FoliageFixer)
  2. Tick the types of foliage you want fixed
  3. Press fix

If you change your foliage in the foliage editor, press refresh before re-using the foliage fixer

Actions that re-apply foliage positions (such as undoing a manual move of a foliage item) will reset foliage locations - if this happens you must re-apply the fix to that foliage type.

Only tested on windows, but should run anywhere UE4Editor runs.

Performance is around ~20000 foliage instances every 10s on fairly complex foliage.

Assets *not* included, just the foliage fixer

Technical Details


  • Ensures the lowest part of each foliage instance is below the landscape (or mesh it is placed on)
  • Editor-only add-on, does not add any weight/complexity/restrictions to packaged game

Number of Blueprints: 1

Supported Development Platforms: UE4Editor

Performance: around ~20000 foliage instances every 10s on fairly complex foliage.

Documentation: See screenshots or description

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